Hoi Choi, New Kolkata Bangla Movie Review: An interesting blend of Theater and Cinema

Hoi Choi (2013)(Bengali Movie) - THEATRICAL TRAILER (HD)

Kolkata, July 16, (Washington Bangla Radio): ‘Hoi Choi’, the title of the film may lead many to think that the film is all about fun and partying. The young ensemble star cast and the story of a theater group makes that perception even stronger. But the film did not turn up to be exactly as expected.

Piyal (Paoli Dam) is an ambitious theatre person who leaves her former production house due to some creative differences and her conviction that the works the production house was doing were very substandard. Piyal does not come out of the production house alone. She does inspire some of her friends to follow her steps and she forms a new theatre group with them. She names the group ‘Hoi Choi’. Aban (Rahul) joins the group after some time bringing in his valuable talent of writing great scripts. A little later Nalok (Bikram) also steps into the group and brings in his musical talents.

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The movie goes on to portray how the bunch of young actors struggle and work with their heart and soul to overcome every barrier coming their way. They work a lot but repeated failure to get that desired identity and recognition aggravates them. But eventually braving many odds and fighting many adverse situations, they manage to take to stage their debut production. The plot shows a number of themes which are very common in the theatre circle. These consist of love angles and drug abuse, something very rampant among artists. But most importantly the in-fights and in-politics of group theatres have been portrayed in the film. A sequence to remember was that of a scene of a bus where Aban was accused by Piyal of misbehaving with her. For Piyal that was a way of taking revenge for some previous wrong that Aban had done.

The film has an uncommon subject, i.e. the struggler relationships, works and complexities of the theatre artists but too much portrayal of theatric backgrounds damages the essence of the film of being a film itself. The sequences bear the look of being too much conditioned rather than real. Costumes may be called apt with the characters but Paoli’s hair style was too much to be accepted. Agreed that having a typical and uncommon style is quite common among theatre buffs but still it does no good to her character. Paoli could be used in much better way. Rahul and Priyanka do not disappoint and enact some good light moments as well as some serious ones too. One will feel sorry for Bikram as he is extremely under used in the film. We see him singing most of the time due to which not much of histrionic skills could be explored.

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Debarati Gupta , the debutant director has a long way to go but for the time being she deserves due credit for thinking out of the box for making her debut movie. One can hope that her future ventures will also be stuffed with newer thoughts that are far better executed.

‘Hoi choi’ with its little misses can appeal to both, the theater and cinema audience and one must watch this movie to know more about the backstage of theater.

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN