Nasha reveals ‘The Goti Song’

The Goti Song Video | Official | Nasha | Poonam Pandey (You Tube)

Mumbai, July 16, (Washington Bangla Radio) : Eagle Home Entertainment and One Line Cinema’s Nasha released ‘The Goti Song’ typography video earlier which grabbed eyeballs with its unusual yet witty typography. After creating a connect with the youth, the full video track of ‘The Goti Song’ was released today.
The song is drastically different from what we’ve heard of the movie until now. The song is filled with wacky lyrics and out of the box dancing which will definitely connect with the youth. Another drastic difference about the song is that it features newcomer Shivam Patil, who hasn’t been in the limelight of the movie until now.
Nasha starring Poonam Pandey is all set to hit theatres on the 26th of July, and this movie is turning out to be one you can’t miss!