Interview: Anurag Kashyap- "There is a psychological problem in India that festival films are boring"

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Mumbai, July 13, (Washington Bangla Radio) : Anurag Kashyap, who is known for his out of the box films, knit together five short stories in ‘Shorts', which is slated to release on July 12, 2013. SHORTS is presented by AKFPL and TUMBI

1. How did Shorts happen?
A: All the five short films were conceived during the making of Gangs of Wasseypur and all five directors had assisted in the aforementioned feature film. They selected their own actors and then they quietly approached them and shot the films post which TUMBHI and my company came into the picture to back them and to bring to you what is now called ‘SHORTS’.
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2. What is the future of short films?
A: ‘Shorts’ is the future. The duration of feature films are getting shorter day by day. No doubt, the audience will still watch go to watch them. Definitely ‘Shorts’ has a broader future. Moreover 'Shorts have smaller budgets unlike feature films.

3. Are you going to set a trend with the theatrical release of ‘Shorts’?
A. It is not a trend, it is just an opportunity where different people are getting to showcase their work, which will then lead them onto a feature film. It is a platform. They are very good short films that have already won awards internationally in the last two years.

4. What’s your take on the performance of Gangs of Wasseypur actors in Shorts?
A: I am the producer of this film, so I do not want to comment on it. The directors are five different directors. It is their film. 

5. Which director’s film, you like the most in Shorts?
A: All five are superb films and I like all of them equally. 

6. What is the solution to reach short films to the broader audience and get a good box-office collection?
A: There is a psychological problem in India that festival films are boring. This problem exists more with the exhibitors. We are all searching for the solution. Filmmakers have to make their films and every filmmaker has his own struggle. I have found a solution and in that I have ensured a theatrical release for my short films. And I appreciate LC Singh of TUMBHI for supporting me in this endeavour. Everyone will find their solutions in their own ways I believe. 

7. Tell us something about your next directorial venture Bombay Velvet and Karan Johar’s weight loss for the film?
A: The shoot starts next month. Karan has already lost 10 kilos out of the mentioned 12 kilos till now. He is on a spree of losing weight. He is still losing weight.