A Political Murder WBRI Kolkata Bengali Movie Review

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Kolkata, July 12, (Washington Bangla Radio): Agnidev Chatterjee’s new film ‘A Political Murder’ is a Political drama just as the name suggests. The director with this film explores another sensitive issue after making movies on issues like ‘sex starvation leading to extra-marital affair (Charulata 2011)’, ‘Sexual violence against women’ (Teen Kanya) and dual married life of a man (Mrs Sen). Agnidev deals with the subject of a huge scam related to misusing of educational funds worth Rs 1000 crore.

The film opens with the narrative of Indrani (Rituparna Sengupta) who is a professor in a city college. She lives with her Husband (Kaushik Sen), a white collar job holder, Aditi (Priyanka), her sister in law and her parent in laws. The actual narrative of Indrani starts with a flashback after a celebration scene where the whole cast is seen dancing in a celebration of Aditi’s victory in college elections. The flashback reveals that how Indrani had a faceoff with Udayshankar Indu (Rahul) a popular student’s leader at the college whom Aditi idolizes and also nourishes a feeling for. For Indrani, Uday’s activities were too much for a student. When she feels that the faceoff is going to turn ugly with the election knocking at the door, she approaches the higher education minister and submits a written complaint. Her rendezvous with the minister brings her the opportunity to be part of a team which is investigating the laundering of educational funds worth Rs 1000 crore. Indrani’s flashback also reveals some of her shocking findings, monetary seductions and mortal threats she faced during the probe.

But Indrani’s flashbacks are contradicted by Indu’s flashback who is being interrogated by a C.I.D officer. As the simultaneous flashbacks start rolling, the audience is transported to a total confusing state as every single fact contradicts the facts of the other version. The two versions take the audience through a lot of revelations about the practice of political upper hands, bribery, threats and sometimes execution of the threats in the most brutal way.  The film goes on to expose a climax which predicts that the real climax is at least one sequel away.

latest Kolkata tollywood bengali movie review

Rituparna has played a very controlled character and has shown her potentiality as an actor once again. At this stage of career she is bound to explore every nook of her talents and that makes her one of the highest paid female actors of the industry. Rahul and Priyanka too play their parts superbly. Suvasish has come up with yet another fantastic role and with every such role he is redefining his versatility as an actor. The best performance of the film comes from Kaushik Sen who perfectly portrays how a middle class government job holder can under different situations.

The film has numerous blotting points and the most prominent of them is the narrative style which makes the film more similar to a radio drama. The film tends to loosen its grip over the audience during the later part, and this something which has been repeated in every movie by the director. Moreover the film has some serious flaws. The opening sequence where the teachers are seen dancing with the students to celebrate the victory of Aditi is just ridiculous. So is the interrogation of Indu in the middle of the Ganges in broad daylight. The film can be only watched for the individual performances of the actors.

Awrko Roy