Prasenjit Chatterjee starrer Porichoy promoted in Ms Kitchen Smart finale

poster of porichoy

Kolkata, July 5, (Washington Bangla Radio) : One is bound to be taken aback to see women preparing delicious dishes on the ovens on the first floor of the Avani Riverside Mall. This sight may look quite unusual but this is the much awaited finale of the Ms Kitchen Smart that took place at the Avani Riverside store. Excitement of the crowd was already high from the beginning of this contest and it reached to even greater heights when the announcement was made that Prasenjit Chatterjee will also come to grace the occasion and speak about his upcoming film Porichoy. The judges for the contest included Chef Debasish Kundu, Master Chef India Finalist Doyel Sarangi, Ronita Ghosh, well known dietician and television personality and the versatile singer Jojo. 

Jojo who will be undergoing a surgery this month spoke to WBRi correspondent about foods and her work. The singer who is an avid fan of continental, Chinese and Home cooked food pointed out that she is not a foodie and she is fat as it is all in her genes. “I am not a great foodie but I like to cook when I get the time” said the singer. Her foot surgery which will take place this month will delay the release of one of her albums in which the songs are of the rock genre. Another album on folk songs may be released this month. She did not reveal the names as she is not sure of the date of release of the albums. Jojo has also recorded a song for Raja Sen’s upcoming film. She was supposed to do a cameo in the film, but she does not know whether it will be possible or not. 

The audience however got very disappointed when it was later announced that Prasenjit Chatterjee will not be able to come to the event. The producer of the film Soumo Ganguly however came and spoke a few lines about the film. “I wanted to promote the film with Prasenjit in this event. However he returned late today also got stuck in the rain. The film is about Bengalis who reside in the United Kingdom. How they remain connected with their mother land with the help of various means is the main issue of the film. The film is about a father-daughter. Food also plays an important part in this film and hence we have decided to promote the film here. Unfortunately Prasenjit could not come” said the producer. However he promised that better promotions of the film will be made and invited the media for the covering of the forthcoming events. 

The theme for this year’s Great Indian Kitchen Festival was “Upgrade”. This can be divided into three parts- quality, convenience and utility. Nabanita Chakraborty was declared as the winner of the kitchen festival. Doyel Sarangi who was present at the occasion congratulated the winners and said “Earlier I used to cook as it was my duty. But now this has become a passion. I know I can make new dishes and earn praises for them. This is a great change that Master Chef India has made in my life”. Ronita Ghosh, eminent dietician pointed out that eating healthy is good but one can eat oily and spicy food occasionally. She also commented that the dishes cooked in this competition are quite healthy. 

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN