Save Water, Save life march begins on 25th June

Save Water, Save life march poster
Mumbai, July 3, (Washington Bangla Radio) : Save Water, Save life march which was announced by Mumbai's Malad (W) based Gandhi Vichar Manch has began with some new improvements to original schedule. The march from Gateway of India, Mumbai to India Gate in New Delhi, began 25th June 2013, to bring focus to the problem of frequent floods and water shortages around the country.
The march will pass Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and then New Delhi. In view of natural disaster in Uttrakhand, Manch's chairman Manmohan Gupta, 65, decided to rework on the schedule. First there will be programs within Maharashtra to bring awareness and then the march will proceed to other 
Save Water, Save life march poster
states. A book called Jal hi Jivan hai was launched on the occasion. 
Others who were present on the occasion were Maharashtra state Agrawal Samelan's national executive Vijay Kumar Chowdhary, Agrawal Seva Samaj's chief Sheetal Agrawal, Agrabandhu Seva Samiti's trustee Kan Bihari Agrawal, Rajasthan mewad Sangh's mahamantri Mukesh Pamecha, Yashwant Hape, Babulala agrawal, Mithilesh Mishra, Jai Prakash Pande, DurgaPrasad Pande, Billawar Samaj's Gopalji and others. 
On the occasion, Manmohan Gupta said, "I am in deep anguish over what happened in Uttrakhand. Water is the most important need of the hour for every person in this country. We have cases of acute water shortages across the country this year – one of the most devastating droughts over the last couple of decades. Farmers are committing suicides; villagers are migrating to cities, unemployment on the rise, premature deaths, huge loss to the Indian economy, etc.
Government should wake up. We request Sonia Gandhiji, Rahul Gandhiji, Manmohan Singhji, Chief Ministers, MLA's and other party members to work towards interlinking water bodies as soon as possible."