Ishraq is a short tempered Director

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Mumbai, July 1, (Washington Bangla Radio) : “Ishraq is very short tempered.” says every cast and crew member he has worked with. He will go on with the same scene until he is satisfied even if the actor has no energy left! Ishraq is the director of the upcoming film ‘Ek Bura Aadmi’. 

Even Riya Sen had to face the music. Initially she was to perform an item song in the film ‘Ek Bura Aadmi’ but then Ishraq replaced her with some other actor because of some friction. On asking Ishraq, he says, “It’s not that I get angry all the time. I am in good terms with all my cast and crew. And about Riya Sen, she was not cooperating with the crew of the film and because of her, a whole day was wasted. This story is old now, let’s keep it there only. I want my actors to be dedicated to the film as I am. Only then we together would be able to create a master piece. I take my work very seriously and because of that I get angry sometimes.”