Routes 2 Roots Releases VEDAS on DVD

New Delhi, July 31, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) New Delhi based non-profit NGO Routes 2 Roots , in collaboration with IFFCO Foundation, have launched a collector’s treasure “VEDAS” on DVD after great research and authentication.

The 8 hour DVD features chanting of all the four Vedas in Sanskrit with subtitling in 9 world languages (English, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, French, Spanish and German).

Watch a promo video of the Vedas online and order the DVD boxed set in USA via or in India via Flipkart:

The Vedas are ancient wisdom bestowed upon mankind from circa 3000 BC by seers and the learned. For around a millennium, it was never documented and was passed on by word of mouth, because of which some of it has been lost forever.

The Vedas DVD boxed set comes with a booklet in 9 languages explaining the meaning of each chanting for understanding by all of us. The attractive DVD pack is encased in a metal copper-colored box which makes it a collector’s item and is a must for each home.

With the launch of this product in the Indian market a few months ago, it has become India's best seller.

Routes 2 Roots is a non profit NGO, based out of Delhi and engaged in cultural diplomacy as well as people to people contact throughout the world by cultural programs, student exchange programs, hosting exhibitions of paintings, films, videos, crafts which are circulated abroad to communities who have rarely experienced Indian culture.

Routes 2 Roots conducts research on heritage and culture to reveal to the world the hidden ancient knowledge and its relevance today.

- with inputs from Routes 2 Roots

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