Beckinsale practices Yoga to stay fit

Kate Beckinsale

Mumbai, July 28, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Hollywood Hottie Kate Beckinsale who will be starring as one of the leading ladies in the reboot film of Sony Pictures “Total Recall” reveals the secret of her curvy toned body.

To earn a physique like a goddess many starlets go starving or hit gym and work out rigorously, shedding and sweating to keep in shape. Opposed to which, Beckinsale believes in eating right and staying healthy with timely supply of nutritious food and fruits for our body.

Beckinsale shuns the idea of working out at gym for long hours and advocates practicing Yoga. Yoga is the best way to achieve a good as well as healthy physique, she feels. “Yoga also gives you a good reason to relax at the end of the session by just lying down for couple of minutes,” she says.

Beckinsale fans who await the dawn of 3rd August for the movie to release they would surely have got tips from Kate to pass the time.


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