Provash and Arijit on their Bengali movie Shooter (2012): "We Refused to be Exploited and Made Our Own Movie" - Interview

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Bengali film directors Provash and ArijitKolkata, July 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Director-duo Provash and Arijit have written the story, script and dialog and directed the new Indian Bengali action drama movie SHOOTER (2012). In this interview with WBRi, they reveal how they wrote the script of Shooter sitting under the VIP Road Haldiram Bridge in Kolkata and much more about their directorial debut.

Their association goes back years, based on shared outlook and thoughts driven by a common cause to avoid being exploited by others while unleashing their creativity. They take pride in the fact that in addition to established actors like Joy Mukherjee, Sayantika, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rita Koiral, Arijit Dutta, Santana Bose etc, SHOOTER also features a number of fresh young faces and newcomers like Amitava Bhattacharya, Partha, Prasun and Dipannita Biswas. They are particularly pleased that Shooter is not automatically tagged with the name of any superstar but stands by itself. They are also jutifiably proud that they have been able to launch newcomers with their film and hope the debutants all make it big.

The directors tell us about the story plot of Shooter (2012) - a synopsis from their unique point of view. The young son (Master Guddu / Joy Mukherjee) of a teacher in a village goes through a traumatic experience of watching his parents being murdered by a labor leader turned ruthless criminal (Ashish Vidyarthi). This villain found oil while digging the foundation for his house, and driven by greed to take over the oil-rich land, starts to kill all villagers.

Provash & Arijit have come a long way and their growth has been through struggle. The story they tell is about how society and circumstances make criminals out of good people and how it is important to not lose one's way.

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