Colin Farrell is a Arnold Fan (Interview)

Mumbai, July 26, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Born on 31st May, 1976, actor Colin Farrell has acted in many films like Tiger land, Miami Vice, Minority Report, Phone booth, The recruit, Alexander etc. He has not only been nominated for number of awards but has also won many. In 2008 he won the golden globe award as a Best Actor. Colin is back in the news as his new film Total Recall releases worldwide on 3rd August.  Colin has had an experience as an actor but while accepting the offer for the reboot he must have gone through a whirlpool of questions as the film is a remake of its old version released in 1990 and which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Based on the short story of writer Philip K Dick the reboot film of Sony Pictures is produced by Toby Jaffe and Neal Moritz and is directed by Len Wiseman. Alongside Colin will be two bold beauties Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel. Colin is a quiet simple guy in his looks and so the character of Douglas suits him well as the character is that of a common factory worker. In 1990’s version of Total Recall the character of Douglas was played by Arnold whose image is quiet different amongst the audience. Arnold on one hand if is famous amongst the audience for his muscular look Colin has set an altogether different record amongst fans. So has Colin had any pressure while playing the same character which was made famous by Arnold? To which Colin says, “No, not at all because this film will be different from the previous one. The direction and the techniques used in this one are very distinct. And it is one of the reasons why I was affirmative of working in the film. In fact, I myself am Arnold’s fan! I have seen many films of his including Total Recall and I’m in love with his style.”

Colin will be romancing two deadly ladies in the film so who amongst them was more endearing? To which Colin smiles and says, “Both of them! Both are versatile in their own way. Jessica in real life as well is much like the character she portrays. The way she performs action on-screen she is much like that off-screen as well. She is pretty rough and tough sorts. And working with Kate was also fun. But since Len who is the director of the film also happens to be Kate’s husband it was little tricky to kiss Kate but then I survived!”

Recalling the moments spent while shooting the film, Colin says, “Kissing scene was though tricky but doing an action sequence with Kate turned out to be real fun! In one scene I had to chop Kate’s neck but as it turns out I hit a real hard chop which hurt and I had to apologize after the scene!”

Describing the difference in the Total Recall of 1990 and the Total Recall of 2012 Colin says, “Both the films are good, their audience is different and the technique used in them is different as well. I feel the film will be liked by Arnold’s fans as well. Our film will be more dark and serious compared to the previous one. However, this doesn’t mean that the previous film was not good!”

Talking about the director Len, Colin says, “What shall I say about the Len! He has made so many sci-fi films. With this film also he has done an excellent job.” When Colin came to know that Total Recall will be remade he was quiet doubtful if this film will be able to charm the audience like the old Total Recall did. But when he read the script his doubts receded as it was a versatile piece of work, he felt.

Actor Colin Farrell is in demand amongst the Hollywood film fraternity as post Total Recall, Colin will be seen in many more films like “Seven Psychopaths” and “Dead man Down” being the major ones.


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