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Rohit GuptaNew York, NY, July 24, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) We see numerous promotions even by major studios that use online distribution to build buzz about their projects or simply to get their films to as many people as possible but to release a film via Facebook is a completely new avenue.

One such film 'Life! Camera Action…' an internationally acclaimed, numerous award winning film-festival favorite, feature film was released worldwide exclusively for Facebook Users on July 20th, 2012. Film is co-written, produced & directed by Indian filmmaker, Rohit Gupta (right). Filled with dreams and ambition, Life! Camera Action… is a moving story of a young girl in pursuit of her dreams of becoming a filmmaker against all odds.

It is for the first time that an Independent feature film has been released and distributed for the audience worldwide exclusively via Facebook.

You can watch Rohit Gupta's "Life! Camera Action" online world-wide here >

This should be a sigh of relief for many Independent moviemakers who are left to wonder if their films will ever see the light of the day. With this new avenue, they can turn their investment in to a profitable venture by reaching its audience around the world quickly with just few clicks. “Thanks to technology for empowering us with the tools to unleash our imagination," says Gupta who is a MBA graduate and comes from a family of entrepreneurs.

In an industry with many pitfalls, Gupta sports a very encouraging perspective who firmly believes that there is nothing like a good or a bad product and that every product has a market in which it sells, particularly when it comes to films. "Speaking with many filmmakers, I am amazed to hear that they were so wrapped up in the making of their film, that other functional apsects of the business were never accounted for. Creation is only one half of any model".

Poster: Rohit Gupta's Award Sweeping Film LIFE! CAMERA ACTION...Gupta knew that looking for conventional distribution would be futile and took matters into his own hands. He has released the film worldwide in partnership with Boston based, new media company, Gigaplex, Inc. Upon release, the film picked up instant buzz and veiwership among its audience on Facebook.

Life! Camera Action…was recently named as ‘One of the top 10 Outstanding Movies made by Indian Americans’ by Silicon India. The list included ‘The Sixth Sense’,‘Unbreakable’ (M. Night Shyamalan), ‘Mississippi Masala’, ‘Namesake’ (Mira Nair), ‘Earth’, ‘Fire‘ (Deepa Mehta).

Facebook users can learn more about the movie on its official Facebook page
. To watch the movie, the users can get Gigaplex app on facebook @ and rent it through 72 hours @ $4.99 or equivalent of 50 facebook credits.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... film poster

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