Tej Hundal and Ravi Bal Collaborate to Release Debut Album PUNJABIAN DA RAAJ


Bhangra (Photo credit: jay8085)

London, UK, July 22, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Punjabian Da Raaj is a collaboration Album between RBP artist TEJ HUNDAL from Switzerland and World renowned Composer & Music Producer RAVI BAL. The album is scheduled to be released on Aug 9, 2012.

Ravi Bal is responsible for monsterous International Bhangra hits such as "CAPTAIN BHANGRE DA"  "JUTTI CHOO CHOO" "MITTEH GANNE" "ADDI MARDI" "SHADALEY" "BANDA MARN NOO" "MAA" "TERIYAN ADAAVAN" and many more as well as producing music for the biggest names in Bhangra worldwide over the last 25 years.

"I'm going to keep it short and simple!  Every time I bring in a new and unique voice to the global bhangra scene such as Lakhwinder Wadali, Preet Harpal etc... it's important that they are given the right platform, support and exposure..... TEJ HUNDAL is a unique, powerful and deserving vocalist and someone who is going to make a lot of noise in his musical career. RBP will be in full support together with the labels we are releasing with.  There are NO Singles! No Over Hype! No Bull S*** Just a full on focused Bhangra Album to show what this artist is capable of... a single alone can not show his versatility as a singer so we launch with an album!...  I hope all enjoy.  Respect! ", said Ravi Bal.

The Album is due to be released by Moviebox (UK) , Music Waves (North America) and Goyal Music (India).

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