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A Still from Challo Driver (2012) Hindi Film

Kolkata, July 21, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The duty officials in Delhi were puzzled to see her at the driver's seat. The passers-by on the streets of the city also paused for a while before making a move since they couldn't believe the sight of an all-glamorous girl in a chauffeur’s uniform, carrying a male passenger. Shooting of Chalo Driver was undoubtedly an interesting experience for Ragini MMS star Kainaz Motivala as Tanya Malhotra, the Chauffeur, as well as the whole unit. Will Challo Driver impress viewers too? Have a check.

Trailer: Chalo Driver (Hindi, 2012)

An arts graduate from Chandigarh, Tanya Malhotra (Kainaz Motivala) accidentally becomes the chauffeur of Arjun Kapoor (Vickrant Mahajan), a flamboyant young construction tycoon. Arjun has a propensity of firing his drivers and Tanya has a tendency for quitting jobs within short spans.

But things, for both, do not go as usual this time. They begin to hate each other’s guts but somehow cannot bid ‘good bye’ to one another. Ultimately the film turns out to be a journey of two mismatched and equally agitated people learning to accept and respect each other as well as their surroundings.

Of course sparks do fly in between them. But what does it take to get the haters smitten by love for each other?  How does an egoist business tycoon make his driver the empress of his heart? You will find the answers while driving with the beautiful chauffeur taking the smart tycoon in her backseat through the disturbing, lawless and chaotic Indian traffic!

Actually, Challo Driver is a one-man-show by Vickrant Mahajan. He is the director, actor, script writer and lyricist of the film. As the debutant hero, you don’t want to bug him but Vikrant would have got better applause if he would have stuck to and concentrated on his directorial job. Despite hard work, viewers would find it hard to accept him as a conventional hero.

After Ragini MMS, one expected Kainaz Motivala to sparkle again. But Kainaz falls a bit short of living up to your expectations with her performance as the fiesty chauffeur Tanya.

Post Rocket Singh, a Yash Raj Films venture, veteran actor Prem Chopra is once again seen in Chalo Driver. Experience speaks! The actor reflects the contrast in acting prowess when the frames bring him with the leading duo of the movie. The film also features popular television actor Manoj Pahwa. He is spontaneous and fine in the role.

The music of Challo Driver is presented by T Series. Mika Singh, Bollywood’s very own Voice of Punjab, hits it with 'Kudi Pataka Driver’. The song features Hard Kaur, the popular Punjabi rap star. Music directors Gaurav Dayal and Sajjad Ali Chandwani do an adequate but not outstanding job. Lyrics for the songs are written by Vickrant Mahajan.

The script of Chalo Driver is cool with some genuine fun elements included in it. If he remains focused, Vickrant Mahajan can turn out a good screen writer in the days to come.

On the whole, actor-director Vikrant can be appreciated for his efforts to bring to the audience a wholesome family film.

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