Rupa Ganguly on Bengali movie Buddhuram Dhol Dunia Gol (2012) - Interview

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Roopa GangulyCalcutta, July 20, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Rupa Ganguly plays a wife and a mother in Buddhuram Dhol Duniya Gol. She naturally becomes very concerned when her daughter runs away from home. However, she is not completely clueless and has enough background information to realize why her daughter took this step.

A search for the missing daughter commences. Not unexpectedly, there is some friction between the mother and the father (Kunal Padhi) that about the reasons of, and failure to understand and pre-empt, the running away of the daughter.

As the story progresses, one problem leads to a couple of others. Also, sometime in the story of the film, another aspect of the lady is revealed and eventually she is reunited with her hitherto suppressed lover (Mithun Chakraborty as Buddhuram Dhol). She also realizes that her failures in her relationships due to external reasons can only inspire her to make sure her child does not make the same mistakes.

Buddhuram Dhol Dunia Gol is not a serious film, and not just a comedy either. It is a commercial entertainer with no intent of preaching or sending across a message (though there is a message, one suspects). Humorous but not illogical, the script has been very carefully written so as to appeal to a broad section of Bengali film audience.

Buddhuram Dhol is directed by Narayan Roy. Victor Banerjee also plays a lead role in the film. Indeed, everything points to Buddhuram Dhol Dunia Goal being a wonderful film in the making.

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