Arnie's Unmatched Physique Up Against Acting Skills of Colin Farrell

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Colin Farrell in the original and remake of Total Recall

Mumbai, India, July 20, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) In 1990 when Total Recall was released, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was a huge star then, the film garnered positive response from the audience and turned out to be a massive hit. Arnold’s tall, muscular; hulk look cast a spell on the audience. However, with the remake of this blockbuster the audience worldwide awaits to see the performance of the star Colin Farrell who is cast in the lead, in the character of Douglas Quaid, a role made famous by Arnold.

In 90’s when the film hit the theaters, the hugely built Arnold spanking the goons was convincing enough. When Arnold would strike a blow on the goon’s face the audience felt the adrenaline jump. But will, the lean built star Colin be able to make the audience blood rush just like Arnold did? Though like Arnold even Colin, with the films like S.W.A.T, The War Zone, Minority Report, has a reputation as an action hero yet the unmatching physique becomes a drawback.

However, considering that the lead always gets to blow the jaws of the villain and usually isn’t the one at the receiving end, considering the advancement in computer graphics and other such technologies and that the generation next is more mellow and less keen on action sequences, Colin would fare well.

So Colin is likely to compete with Arnold’s acting skills and not the built. Yet what the perturbed audience is keen on is to see if Colin can live up to Arnold’s level.

Sony Pictures brings the movie Total Recall once again for the audience entertainment on 3rd August.