Keno Mon Take Chaye (2012) WBRi Bangla Movie Review: Of Two Sisters, Two Young Men, Tragedy and Romance

Rimjhim Mitra & Raaj in Bangla movie Keno Mon Take Chaye
Rimjhim Mitra and Raaj

Oindrila & Siddhartha in Bangla movie Keno Mon Take Chaye
Oindrila and Siddhartha

Kolkata July 16, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Keno Mon Take Chaye is a romance drama directed by Milan Bhowmik that released last Friday. The film has a lot of talented actors in it and had already garnered attention from the press for the presence of the popular and talented actress Rimjhim Mitra and fresh faces in its cast.

The film starts off with two sisters, daughters of an affluent family. The two sisters, Divya and Priya (Rimjhim Mitra and Oindrilla) are very close to each other but are opposites in character and personality. Portraying teenage school girls, one day they meet two local young men on their way to school, and romance kicks in. The two unemployed young men, Agni and Anthony (Raaj and Siddhartha Roychoudhury) come from poor families and are the best of buddies.

Agni's love for Divya is reciprocated. However, Priya does not take Anthony's advances seriously and just has a good time with him.

Biplab Chatterjee plays the role of the father of the girls. He becomes aware of his daughters' romances and plans to marry off his younger daughter Priya to the son of a friend. Unfortunately Priya also looks at the prosperity of the groom's family and is agreeable to the wedding. This breaks Anthony's heart and he takes his own life.

The story then takes a turn and everything changes. Divya yearns for Agni and threatens her family with suicide if forced to marry another man. Also later in the story, Priya repents her role in Anthony's suicide and makes it her mission to reunite her sister with Agni.

Rimjhim Mitra has done justice to her role of a young girl who is madly in love with a poor guy and delivers a great  performance. Oindrilla also carries well her role of a money-minded spoilt girl. However, the two lead actors Raaj and Siddharta, fall short of the ladies of the cast in acting skills. Biplab Chatterjee plays the character of a strictly conservative father and husband with ease. Santana Bose proves to be a perfect choice for playing the role of the suppressed wife and caring mother. Arpita Baker shines as the cunning aunt of the sisters.

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Director Milan Bhowmik has made an honest attempt at packaging a predictable story in a different manner. The film has five songs, composed by Soumitra Kundu, that support the story.

Keno Mon Take Chaye will likely be successful in doing average business at the box office, thanks to its star cast.

Bengali actress Rimjhim Mitra and Tollywood hero Raaj

Bengali actress Rimjhim Mitra and Tollywood hero Raaj
Rimjhim Mitra & Raaj

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