Bengali Actress Santana Bose on her new movie "Keno Mon Take Chaye" (2012) : Interview

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Santana Basu at the audio music releaseSantana Bose plays the role of the heroine and her sister in Milan Bhowmik's latest Tollywood Kolkata Bangla movie Keno Mon Takey Chaaye. Biplap Chatterjee plays her husband and the dad of the two girls.

The actress provides an insight into the making of the film. It is a cooperative effort with the director and the cast members discussing and contributing freely. She loves the story of the film and would love Bengali film lovers to not miss it.

Santana reveals her role is of a traditional Bengali home-maker where her character reflects a woman responsible for keeping the house in order with limited independence and access to the outside world, as well as subdued and ignored in family matters where decisions are generally taken by the husband. Her character endures much emotional pain due to this oppressive environment. The film, however, is also big in Indian emotions associated with married women hugely emphasizing the well-being of their husbands.

Santana has played the role of the mother to a great number of stars and superstars in Bengali films, including Mithun Chakraborty, Jeet, Jishu, Prosenjit, Rachana, Suparna and many more - it may be the only hero she has not played mother of yet is Dev. She is already well known and deeply respected by fans, and she is hopeful her acting will continue to be well appreciated by the audience in her forthcoming films.

Santana has a string of upcoming Bengali films - around 10 - which are complete and releasing soon. She is also playing a popular character in an ongoing Bengali Television serial. Not necessarily tied to just commercial films, she cites the example of one of her upcoming releases that puts her in the challenging role of a mother of a trans-sexual child.

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