Rohit Gupta's "LIFE! CAMERA ACTION..." to release worldwide on July 20th

Trailer: Life! Camera Action...

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... film release

New York, NY, July 14, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... an internationally commended and highly praised, award winning American Independent feature film that took the film festival circuit by storm for the last 18 months is now set to release on July 20, 2012 exclusively on FACEBOOK.

"Film festival circuit goals have been more or less achieved, so it's now time to bring the film to the people waiting for it. Among all the options considered, online distribution made more sense as that is where our audience is who could watch it quickly and reasonably. It is also a very cost-effective way of audience/content touch point. The film will be made available for a wider audience through multiple platforms later this year beginning with FACEBOOK this month" stated the Producer / Director, Rohit Gupta, in a press statement.

The film is being distributed by the Boston, MA based new media distribution company: Gigaplex. The film will be streamed via the Gigaplex App on Facebook -

Winner of over 70 international awards and accolades, LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... is a moving and an inspiring story of an aspiring filmmaker, Reina, in a quest to fulfill her dreams against all odds. "It's a positive film with multiple themes. On the face of it, it talks about dreams, aspirations, family values, and commitment.  There are many sub texts to it on the other level. Although it specifically talks about filmmaking dream, the theme is universal, as everyone has some form of dream they wish or/are in pursuit of it. Hence, the film's success is evident by the fact that it resonates universally with everyone at some level irrespective of his or her ethnicity, age, location" said the Director who has also Co-Written the film with Amanda Sodhi.

The film has been named as "One of the top 10 Outstanding Movies made by Indian American Filmmakers" by Silicon India. The film features an award winning inspirational song 'Chalte Jaana Hain' (Have to keep walking) by bollywood's favorite singer 'KK'.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... film release

The film has unearthed considerable talents on & off screen and the making of the film serves as an inspiration to the students and newcomers to international cinema. It is also the first international feature length film that is shot with a 2-member crew on a mini-micro budget by an Indian filmmaker that continues to grab attention universally.

LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... film release

"We are really excited to bring LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... to our viewers in over 120 countries. LIFE! CAMERA ACTION... is a very well executed and moving story about realization of a young woman's dreams, a story that will resonate with anyone who has courage to follow a less travelled path and faces artificial constraints of entrenched and conventional social norms. We are very happy to be a part of its success and release it on our global platform" commented, Parag Mehta, Chief Business Officer of Gigaplex.

Powered by a proprietary, integrated technology platform, Gigaplex streams top-notch award winning feature films and TV shows from around the world via dedicated Apps on to iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, phones and now Facebook.

Each viewing has been reasonably priced @$4.99

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