Jeet And Sayantika Starrer AWARA (2012): WBRi Bangla Movie Review

Bengali actress Sayantika Banerjee in Awara (2012) Bangla MovieTollywood Hero Jeet
Sayantika and Jeet at the Premiere of AWARA in Navina

Kolkata July 14, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) The poster of the Awara movie does strike a chord with the images that we have woven in our minds for a long time about our Bengali prince charming with a sturdy body, assertive looks and an instinct to jump into fire of hell for his beloved, slaying his enemies and carrying his princess away while she watches with her starry eyes and adores him. Jeet represents the hero who in this movie practically does everything from fighting, to wooing, to blurting out hilarious lines intermittently which will befuddle the audiences and leave them laughing because of their utter callousness and irreverence, keeping the heroine in the fray who appears to be elusive.

The story begins with Suryanarayan known as Surya, a jobless incompetent boy hailing from Coochbehar. The way he trivially takes his current status of being unemployed might leave the audiences question their own commotion and dissatisfaction about the rise of joblessness in any country.  Such undying optimism and mirth will leave governments in a state of happiness and unaccountable to the general masses.

Surya comes to reside with his elder brother and sister in law in the first floor of the apartment where apparently Poulomi, played by Sayantika, also stays with her elder brother and sister in law. As usual, love ensues and the duo travel all the way to the place in Kolkata where Poulomi shifts to another residence. Surya starts living near her place with the aid of Madan Mohan. But danger lurks around when the local thug who falls for Poulomi and with his muscle power and political clout (it’s no wonder that some of the regional hooligans and ruffians have more power than elected representatives and government officials!) tries to coerce her into marrying him.

What’s more? The dashing hero with his well carved body and passion burning in his heart comes chasing and obstruct the path of his enemy to indulge in some good bashing and rescue his beloved to the safe harbor of ‘live together happily ever after’.

Moner Radio: Song from Awara (2012) Bengali film

The movie succeeds in entertaining the audiences to quite an extent with its rib ticking one liners like  Golap kata, bel kata, chor kata - se je kata e hok, upre fele debo, Janar Kono Sesh nei, maar khawar kono boyesh nei, the last and the most surprising one Maar Gur Diye Ruti, Chini Diye Cha, Fu Diye....... Khaaa.  The climax scene was as usual with Jeet, like the ‘Hanuman’ from Ramayana, whacking and striking all the ruffians which came along with Mukul Dev, the main goon, and increased in man power.

Sayantika Banerjee - New Bengali Actress

Rabi Kinnagi, the director of the movie ‘Awara’, is surely dedicated in this intention to amuse the audiences and does not feel the need for including much sensibility in the onscreen proceedings. Sayantika played second fiddle to Jeet, who is the main show stealer. Wonder when mainstream Tollywood actresses will be able to play the main lead and be on equal terms with the actors when it comes to the significance of role and screen presence. We hope the audiences will not have to wait for a long time.

Sayantika Banerjee (Bengali Actress) in Awara Bangla Movie

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