Global Advertisers kicks off Kimaya Fashion House's outdoor campaign in India

Kimaya poster in Juhu Mumbai

Mumbai, July 13, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Kimaya, the first Indian fashion house, has initiated a sales promotion campaign with Global Advertisers. The campaign targets the HNI segment customer, and has the two-point objective of increasing footfalls and spread awareness about Kimaya's monsoon sale, across Mumbai. The message is being communicated through Global's large size hoardings that have been effectively communicating Kimaya's glamorous  offerings to their consumers 24X7.

Commenting on the campaign, Sanjeev Gupta, the Managing Director, Global Advertisers, has said, ‘The impact of the campaign has matched our expectations. We have executed the Kimaya sale campaign quiet effectively. Our research team spend some time choosing hoardings that will help Kimaya generate sustained footfalls over the sale period. We were helped in our efforts by the glamorous creatives on the hoardings that further enhanced our reach and helped us connect with the target consumer. We are looking forward to a great turnaround at the stores.”

For the last 17 years, Global has delivered quality and innovative outdoor solutions, to clients across India. Adopting an unconventional focus on OOH with a presence in a variety of areas, including hoardings, railways, bus, and neon displays, Global works closely with its clients to find fresh ways to facilitate better returns on ad spend for its clients.

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