Rabindrasangeet Singer Dr. Utsab Das: Finding Happiness in Singing and Serving (WBRi Feature)

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Rabindrasangeet singer Dr. Utsab DasCalcutta, July 11, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Utsab, or Dr. Utsab Das, a singer by passion and a doctor by profession, comes from a family where his both grandparents are doctors, and mother a singer. Utsab has found happiness in both.

Born in Kolkata to Amarnath and Kakali Das, Utsab became fond of music in early childhood while listening his mother practicing, who was then a student of Smt. Maya Sen and Sri Subhas Choudhury. Utsab learned very difficult Rabindrasangeet (Tagore songs) at ease at the age of 6-7 just by roaming around while his mother was practicing. This made her take notice, and she enrolled Utsab under Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty , at Shrutinandan , where Utsab got voice training under Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty and Sri Jayanta Sarkar for 7 years.

In the mean time he was doing very well in studies as well, getting top grades in math talent search test 3 years consecutively in 4th to 6th grades. He became centre first from Kolkata at National Science Talent Search exams at 7th grade as well and got star marks in 10th and 12th grades, and cracked joint entrance exams in medical entrance in 2006 with 675 rank.

A young Utsab Das with his first teacher - his mother
A young Utsab Das with his first teacher - his mother

It is after getting in medical, he started learning rabindra sangeet seriously under eminent teachers Sri Subhas Choudhury and Smt. Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta. his music career was going very well along with his studies, in the meantime he was pursuing MBBS exams. He became first among male competitors in Tara Music's unique Rabindra Sangeet talent hunt show "robikiron" in 2007. He then became a regualr artist of Tara, and stood 1st twice in the most prestigious "rajya sangeet academy" competion in 2008 and 2010 and many other competitions he topped. He becmae an esteemed All India Radio artist passing in 3 different subjects in AIR (Rabindra Sangeet / Atulprasad/ Rajanikanta) at age of just 25.

Utsab completed his MBBS in 2011, the same year when his debut Rabindra Sangeet album "prano bhorie" directed by Sri Kalyan Sen Barat got releasd and got a very warm responce all over. His full throttled singing got many praises, and his debut music video got good responce in youtube and Tara Music. It was a breakthrough year when he became a doctor and a reputed singer simaltaneously, as he was invited in all leading TV channels (Tara Muzic, Kolkata TV, Channel 10, Star Plus, TTVN, ETV, Doordarshan) and Tagore birthday events (Rabindra Sadan, Jorasanko, Kolkata town hall, Golf green, Regent Park Arobindo Ashram, Gitobitan Praktani) in such early age.

Utsab increasd his musical horizon by learning Atulprasadi under Smt Nupurchhanda Ghosh, Sri Dilip Kumar Roy, Smt Archana Bhowmick, and folk under Sri Abhijit Bose, along with his Tagore songs and semi classicals. He is currently studying for post graduation MD entrance in medicine, and also his 2nd solo album, both going hand in hand.

Utsab says its time management, and sincerity, that can make all these going possible, rewaj, progrrame, rocordings...then studies, exams,and medicine practice.. he promises to be disciplined and determined to excel in both his love, music and medicine..and serve for people with medicine and music... he is available at dr.Utsabdas@gmail.com.

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