Bangladesh Mukti Andoloner Gaan: Bangladesh Independence Songs by Salil Chowdhury

Salil Chowdhury: Songs for Bangladesh Independence MovementBy Gautam Choudhury

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Bangladesh gained independence in 1971 and a few months before that historic event some Bangladeshi intellectuals, writers, poets and others were visiting Kolkata. They met Salilda and requested him to compose a sequence of songs which would best represent their struggle for freedom since 1947 when India was partitioned and East and West Pakistan were created.

Salilda wanted to write an opera in Bengali but sadly the project could not be completed on time and was abandoned halfway through due to unavoidable circumstances. During that time someone managed to tape the rehearsals and they were preserved in a spooltape since 1971. Unfortunately no one took the trouble to recover the songs from that tape until 2008 ! While doing research for “Songs of Consciousness” I met a gentleman who claimed that he was present during these rehearsals and he has that spool tape. Although it was kept safely in his cupboard nobody was sure if after 37 years the spool tape would be readable.He was very kind to lend the tape to me and it took me a couple of months to digitally clean it and extract the material from that tape. One can hear Salilda singing and teaching the songs to a group of singers. The songs are wonderful and unique.

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