Countdown for Cocktail

Actors Deepika Padukone (left), Saif Ali Khan and Diana Penty Promoting Cocktain on a Mini Cooper

Mumbai, July 9, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Cocktail fever is increasing, with only four days left for the release of the most awaited movie of the season. The movie has gained accolades for the music, the dialogues and the stars. The look and feel of the movie is fresh and is shot at exotic locations, the wardrobe for the stars includes fresh designs, bright colors and tribal prints which has the fans waiting to watch the movie for the style it displays.

The movie is a romantic comedy that revolves around Gautam, Veronica and Meera, their lives with its twists and turns. It beautifully defines enjoyable, entertaining and entangled friendships along with bitter turmoil’s that friends can go through. The fans are looking forward to watching Deepika and Saif on screen together again, and are sure that the movie is going to be the biggest hit of the season.  The beautiful Diana Penty has mesmerized audiences with her beauty and this is surely going to be the best debut of the year. The fans are so excited that they shoot at every opportunity and participate in all competitions that are related to the movie, whether it is online or on the radio.

The video for the song ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’ has crossed over 5 million views, this itself shows the impact the movie is going to create at the box office. The countdown has begun and the fans cannot wait for the movie to release, we also hear that the official Cocktail Blackberry hasn’t stop ringing with fans continuously talking. The candid team of Gautam, Veronica and Meera are arriving on the 13th of July and fans have already started booking their tickets.

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