3 Bachelors (2012) WBRi Movie Review: Sharman Joshi, Riya Sen & Raima Sen in Enjoyable Comedy

Kolkata, July 7, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Finally, we have an out-and-out Bollywood comedy flick this monsoon. Set in a college campus, 3 Bachelors is all about love, laughter and romance rolled in one, with generous dollops of on-screen confusion. Director Ajai Sinha brings the gorgeous Sen Sisters (Raima Sen and Ria Sen) together to fuel his laughathon, which also features Sharman Joshi who is still basking in the success of his last release Ferrari Ki Sawari.

3 Bachelors relates the story of the mischievous Amit (Sharman Joshi) and the introvert Jai (Manish Nagpal). Amit and Jai are small town youngsters who enroll their names in Dhariwal College, Mumbai. On their very first day of college, Amit ends up in a jam when he teases Neha (Raima Sen) and Nisha (Riya Sen). Poor Jai is also dragged into the mess. Amit and Jai face further problems too, as they do not get a room in the college hostel. They seek the help of an agent to get a house on rent. The agent finds them a client who rents out a room in her house at a cheap rate, but only to families or married couples. Driven to their wit’s end, the boys find out a trick to get into the house. They decide to pose as husband and wife. More surprises await the two buddies as they find their landlady to be their college principal Shalini Devi (Himani Shivpuri) and Neha and Nisha to be her nieces.

3 Bachelors Music Launch

Now the confusing story of romance and love begins in right earnest. Amit falls in love with Neha but, regarding him as a married man, she does not even bother looking at him. On the other hand, Nisha falls hard for Jai in college, being oblivious of the fact that the man of her dreams is playing the role of a female, ‘Jaya’, at her aunt’s residence! At the climax, everyone's real identity is discovered by each other and all hell breaks loose. What happens when Neha discovers that Amit is unmarried but had been lying to her all the time? How does Nisha accept that her crush Jai had been posing as a lady? What does Shalini do when the boys are unmasked? Can the lovers win over their respective heartthrobs? Get a ticket in the theatres and have good time finding the answers!

After N. Chandra’s Style, Sharman Joshi and Riya Sen share screen space after almost a decade in 3 Bachelors. Sharman has, of course, improved by leaps and bounds over this period, and he portrays his role in this movie with the nonchalant ease we have come to expect from him.

Riya Sen is generally regarded as a smoking hot Bolly bombshell rather than a serious actor. She does not do anything in 3 Bachelors to reinforce her acting credentials either.  In fact, her histrionics are repetitive and often come across as rather irritating.

Expectedly, Raima, the elder of the Sen siblings, emerges as the finer actor. Although she has already carved a niche for herself in serious movies, Raima does well in this light entertainer too.

Himani Shivpuri, as the tyrant principal-cum-stern aunt, comes across as a complete natural. Unfortunately, the half-baked characterization makes her role just a tad one-dimensional.

Manish Nagpal, Manoj Pahwa and the sultry Negar Khan fit in nicely in their roles in 3 Bachelors. The performance levels do go down a little in the post-interval portion of the film, as the narrative becomes more and more farcical.

Writers Ajai Sinha and Raghuvir Shekhawat have developed a nice premise for comedy lovers in 3 Bachelors. However there are moments when the humor seems to be crass and rather forced. Dialogs, penned by Shekhawat, are witty, but not consistently so.

Shaan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kalpana and Vinod Rathod prop up the musical score of 3 Bachelors. The songs are hummable, and the lyrics, by Praveen Bharadwaj and Rekha Mistri are pretty nice too. Special mention also has to be made about choreographers Piyush and Jyoti, who have made the dance sequences in the film really worth a watch for the viewers.

If you are getting bored sitting home during this monsoon weekend, catch 3 Bachelors at a theater near you. Chances are that you will walk out with a chuckle on your face!

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