Sudip Pandey's Double Role in Bhojpuri Movie "Bagawat"

By Sanjay Sharma Raj

Indian Bhojpuri Movie Actor Sudip Pandey

Mumbai, July 7, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) After Dharmedra's movie Bagawat, Now in Bhojpuri with same tittle and Sudip Pandey will be the hero playing the double role. Bhojpuri hero, Sudip Pandey has played double roles in movies Bhojpuriya Daroga, Masiha Babu and Mr. Tangewala.

Why is he doing double roles? Maybe he doesn’t like to act with other stars. Sudip Pandey says "I have worked with all stars in Bhojpuri Movie industry. Double or single role is the choice of writer and director. I ensure that I do my job right. Bagawat is a good action movie and I am sure people will like it."