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Om Shanti (2012) Indian Bengali Movie Poster at Premiere

Kolkata June 30, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio / Penning Creations) Taking time out from her political career, Shatabdi Roy is back at the box office with her fourth directorial venture, Om Shanti. The film was already the talk of the town with one of its songs that featured Rakhi Sawant for the first time in Bengali film industry. Shatabdi Roy has tried her best to make the film a total paisa-vasool entertainer for the audience.

Bangla Movie Om Shanti (2012) Outdoor Poster at Premiere in KolkataThe movie is about a place called Pratapgarh and it revolves mainly around the last zamindar, Aditya Narayan Chowdhury, known as Chhoto Babu throughout the film, played by Tapas Pal. Chhoto Babu is the ultimate authority of the village, who takes advice of Gurudev, played by Victor Banerjee, and respects him a lot. Rituparna Sengupta plays the role of Anindita, who heads a charity named Raktakorobi, and is also the childhood love of Choto Babu. Samiksha essays the role of Bonna, the younger sister of Rituparna Sengupta. She is a young and cheerful girl who falls for Arko, an undercover officer, played by Pratik. Rohan plays a student who is also the General Secretary (GS) of the students' union. Rajesh Sharma and Kharaj Mukherjee play the bad guys.

The village dwellers love their Chhoto Babu but are not happy with the way they are being exploited by some of his officials. With the coming of Arko in the village the scenario changes gradually and everybody gets to know who the real villain and his enemies are. The story starts with a narration given by Shatabdi Roy, playing the role of an officer, who sends Arko on the mission to save Pratapgarh.

The film has some action sequences that are nicely portrayed and has the power to keep the audiences glued to their seats and eagerly anticipate for the next scene. The film frequently shifts from a pure rural to the sophisticated urban environment smoothly, thanks to the editor M. Susmit. Some of the dialogs of the film are very catchy and is able to grab the attention of the audience.

The film is full of twists and turns that keeps the audience hooked to their chairs but the story proves to be a bit weak. The story has everything in it starting with love, fights, politics and mystery and Shatabdi Roy has done a good job giving them all the topics a modicum of equal treatment.

Tapas Pal, in the role of Chhoto Babu, has been able to carry the role of a Zamindar in a very subtle and delicate manner. Victor Banerjee has portrayed a negative character who wants to be the lord of the village. And Rituparna appeared very real while portraying her character of a kind lady who runs a charity organization. These actors have made the audience sit and appreciate their acting prowess once again. The young actors however need to polish their talents and learn more.

The six music directors have composed six different tracks for Om Shanti, giving the audience a flavor of variety. All the songs are basically for the young generation. Some of the songs in the film seem to be inserted just for the sake of it without any need for them.

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