Interview: Tollywood Hero Anshuman Gupta on His Career in Bengali Movies

By Subhomoy Mukherjee

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Anshuman GuptaWashington DC, July 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Angshuman Gupta is a rising star of Tollywood. He started his career in the glamour world as a model. In 2006, he participated in Grasim Mr. India and he got the chance in final round there as one of the Top Ten finalists.

After Grasim Mr. India contest, he signed some modeling assignments in Mumbai and he was trying to establish his career there.

Scope was limited in Mumbai as competition was very tough and he did not have mentor there.

But he did not give up and he tried to be an actor so he joined renowned Prithwi Theatre there to learn acting.

That time Tollywood Numero Uno Rituparna Sengupta was busy in Bollywood with some projects.

Anshuman got a chance then to meet Rituparna and she assured him to do something for him.

After some months he got the call from producer Preetamji who was planning to make a Bengali Feature Film TRISHNA inspired from 1989 Murder Mystery BODYHEAT. He offered the role of male lead to Anshuman opposite Rituparna Sengupta. The offer was quite unbelievable to Anshuman but he was determined to utilize the chance to establish himself as a good actor and hero in Tollywood.

Anshuman believes that he has got the chance in Trishna because of his looks but he has acted very comfortably in the film due to co operation of the entire unit, specially Rituparna.

After release of Trishna he was afraid to get stereo type characters but he considers himself lucky enough as he is getting versatile roles in Tollywood to prove his acting ability.

He has done eight to nine films so far but he is satisfied most to play a comedy hero in Private Practice. He remembers Private Practice for different reasons as he has got good unit as well as a mentor like Late Ramaprasad Banik who as a co actor, has taught him different angles of acting.

He is very figure conscious and he believes that his figure is one reason to get offer for Trishna. He considers every actor should take care of his physique.

The competition and professionalism in Bollywood have helped him to groom up and the co- operation and unity in Tollywood are helping him to establish as an actor.

Anshuman is very hopeful regarding grooming and rising of Tollywood Industry.

Presently he is working in Amar Swapner Prithibi directed by Raju Samaddar as a neurologist, in Raj directed by Amit Chakraborty as angry Youngman Raj and in Swikarokti directed by Sudipto Sengupto.

He always get inspiration from Uttam Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan ( Nayak by Satyajit Ray, is his favourite film ).

In future he wants to establish Tollywood as a globally renowned film industry with new dimensions. He has the dream to own Oscar after another ten or fifteen years by acting in a Tollywood film.

He believes in Honesty and we wish Anshuman should get all the successes he is dreaming as the result of his honesty and hard work.

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