Interview: Award-Winning Film-Maker Indrasis Acharya On "Living Beyond the Line" and "Ektu Antorikotar Jonno"

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Indrasis Acharya - Writer-Director of Award-Winning Bengali Films Washington, DC, July 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Film-maker Indrasis Acharya based in Kolkata chats with Arijit Chakraborty about his films and his next big project in this audio interview broadcast.

In spite of not being a professional film-maker, his first two short films "Living Beyond the Line" and "Ektu Antorikotar Janya" did remarkably well in the film festival circuit, both winning critical acclaim and a slew of awards.

Working a full-time job in a Multi-National information technology organization means Indrasis can pursue his passion for making films only after work, which naturally led him to try short films first.

"Living Beyond the Line" - a story around three terminally ill friends who refuse to spend their last days in despair but set about fulfilling their dreams - is inspired by the writer-directors own experience of his mother diagnosed with terminal cancer and eventually passing away. Indrasis went on the internet to see how other terminally ill people across the world were taking their situation and chanced upon three women, all given a few months to live by their doctors, chatting among themsleves about fulfilling their wishes. The idea of "Living Beyond the Line" was thus born. Indrasis bounced the idea off a few friends who loved the idea and chopped in with help and financial support. The film went on to win the Best Film award at the 4th National Short and Documentary Film Festival and the runners-up (second best) film award at Tiruvanthapuram film festival, as well as become an official selection at the Bangladesh International Film Festival, and a host of international film festivals. It received standing ovation at Helsinki International Film Festival. Read all about "Living Beyond the Line" and watch the trailer here.

Trailer: Ektu Antorikotar Janya

The story of "Ektu Antorikotar Jonyo" occurred to Indrasis when one day he watched a mentally challenged young boy in the streets of Kolkata and started observing the interaction of the people with the boy. The film explores the world of a mentally challenged boy Archiesman in his efforts to balance the worlds of fantasy and reality. In this journey he tries to befriend several individuals, who are all marginalized in their own ways. Read all about "Ektu Antorikotar Janya" and watch the trailer here.

"Ektu Antorikotar Janya" was shot over a weekend, and inaugurated the 2010 Kolkata Short Film Festival (via a screening at Nandan-2 theater) where it also won the Best Film award. It was judged to be the Best Motion Picture by Sandip Ray and awarded in ISI (Indian Statistitical Institute) in Integration 2011. The film has been selected at Worldkids International Festival, We Care Interrnational Festival and so on, and was screened at North American Bengali Conference  (NABC) 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The audience cheered "Ektu Antorikotar Jonyo" with a standing ovation at the Milan International Film Festival in Italy.

The star cast includes Aparajita Ghosh Das, Debalina Dutta, Tathagata Bannerjee, Dripto Baksi and Subhadro Sengupta. The film features two Rabindrasangeet songs performed by Jayasri and Sinjini Acharya Mazumder.

Indrasis is currently gearing up to start shooting his first full-length feature film towards end of 2011, with the goal of theaatrical release in mid 2012. The film features a veteran bartender in Park Street of Kolkata who has seen a myriad of interesting people over his career.

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