Interview: Yuvraj Singh on Co-Hosting Emotional Atyachar 3 on UTV Bindas Indian TV Channel

UTV Bindass Emotional Atyachaar 3Mumbai, Jul 21, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Yuvraj Singh is a Co-host on Emotional Atyachaar 3. Presenting a face-to-face conversation with Yuvraj Singh himself.

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1. Since it is the first time one is seeing you on a reality TV show, what prompted you to participate in Emotional Atyachar ?

Well, the show has a very interesting concept, where in one finds out about couples and how their relationships can go wrong. I just feel inquisitive about the concept of the show, as it is a way to sort out their differences and a way to know where their relationship stands.

2. What do you think makes people stray in their relationships ?

Trust is the most important factor on which a relationship survives, and if at any point that trust is broken its pretty much the end of the relationship. In addition, when couples are not able to communicate properly which further leads to less understanding between the couple. However, setting other factors aside, for me trust is the most important thing in a relationship.

3. You must have seen previous episodes. What thoughts come to your mind watching the cheaters caught red-handed?

Its never a good feeling to watch the whole show down takes place. Somebody’s trust has been broken which is never nice.  Its never just about the couple, there are other people involved as well- families, friends and the society. If one learns a lesson from the whole episode then that’great and if not, its their loss.

4. At the end of your shoot for an episode, what do you feel for the betrayer of trust?

Well, to be fair, we all make mistakes. If the person involved is ready to accept his/her mistakes and change for the better, then it works for everybody around him/her. Nevertheless, some people are even arrogant about the whole issue and end up not accepting their mistakes or making excuses.

5. Having been in relationships before, has the idea of straying crossed your mind?

Let us say it happens, when couples don’t spend enough time together or don’t communicate regularly, the relationship is bound to feel the strain and that’s when people stray.

6. Tomorrow, if your partner tried to do an Emotional Atyachar on you, how would you react?

I will make sure that I never give my partner such a chance.

7. What is your personal take on the show, exposing the cheater on national tv?

It is not my call when it comes to people coming onto national tv to test their relationship. The person is sure in his/her head that they are ready to come onto this huge platform to know the trust about heir relationship. Everybody has his or her own decisions to make.

Catch all the emotional drama with  Yuvraaj Singh and Pravesh Rana only on Emotional Atyachaar 3 on Saturday 16th Jul, 7pm,  only on UTV Bindass.

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