Pianist, Singer & Composer Debanjalee Banerjee Talks About "Rimjhim" Bengali Modern Songs Album (Anwesha & Debanjalee)

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Debanjalee Badopadhyay - Singer & Co-Composer of RIMJHIM (Bihaan Audio)Washington DC, July 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Singer-Composer Debanjali Banerjee talks to Arijit Chakraborty about the international Bengali modern songs album "Rimjhim" (a Bihaan Music release) for which she has composed a couple of songs, including the title track that is performed by the prodigal Indian singer Anwesha Dutta Gupta (interview). Debanjalee has also performed two of the songs in "Rimjhim" - "Chena Ki Ochena" (a song that will invoke 1980s nostalgia with  Alisha Chinoy and Nazia Hussan ) and "Shudhu Gaan" - a number with heavy Jazz influence.

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Debanjalee grew up in Tanzania and Zambia, and is a trained western classical pianist who has performed with Indian and American artists in concerts. She has also composed and written a couple of songs in Rimjhim. Debanjalee now lives in New Jersey.

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Debanjalee was born into a family of musicians - her father is a composer and lyricist, and her mother is an acclaimed singer. Her uncle is the renowned lyricist and music composer Abhijit Bandyopadhayay. Debanjalee draws deep inspiration from her family, and the album "Rimjhim" was a great opportunity for her.

Debanjalee started learning to play the piano when studying at the Woodstock residential international school in Mussoorie, now in the state of Uttarakhand in India. Developing great interest in the instrument, she continued to experiment with various melodies on the piano. Subsequently, when she migrated to the United States, she would help out with playing the keyboards in various cultural events - word of her remarkable proficiency with the piano as well as her singing abilities got around quickly and she soon found herself accompanying American artists as well as Indian performers around New Jersey.

By this time, Debanjalee had come up with a few melodies in her mind - a couple of which she really liked. She was thinking of taking her music to the next step. Debanjalee and her husband Aninda Bose (interview) were also jamming and spending significant time with sound-engineering guru and ex early year bassist of Bon Jovi Dan Skye as well as the upcoming arranger and musician Vasanth Vaseegaran.

The melody of Rimjhim was already in Debanjalee's mind, and when her lyricist-composer father Anirban Banerjee was visiting them at the time, she shared the tune with him. Anirban sat down for a day and wrote the lyrics to Debanjalee's tune, and the song Rimjhim was born and ultimately evolved with Vasanth's magical arrangement into the title track of the album named after it.

The song "Chena Ki Ochena" is also composed by Debanjalee - she says this song was created in just one day. The song "Amar Bhalo Laagey" is actually a pretty old song written by Anirban Banerjee which Debanjalee loves and is glad for having included it in Rimjhim.

Talking about her next projects, Debanjalee hints at a few more wonderful melodies that she has in her mind that might be suitable for Bengali or Hindi film songs ...

Track-list of the Bengali audio album "Rimjhim":

1. Rim Jhim (Anweshaa)
2. Amar Bhalo Lage (Anweshaa)
3. Chena Ki Ochena (Debanjalee)
4. Koto Deen Koto Raat (Anweshaa, Aninda)
5. Shoptodoshi Ami (Anweshaa)
6. Shudhu Gaan (Debanjalee)
7. Rim Jhim Acoustimass Remix (Anweshaa)

About this interview:

Guest: Debanjalee Banerjee, New Jersey, USA
Host: Arijit Chakraborty, Toronto, Canada
Recording, Editing, Article: Supratim Sanyal, Washington DC, USA

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