Interview: Imran Khan, Vir Das & Kunal Roy Kapur Talk About "Delhi Belly"

Interview: Aman Verma on Lo Kallo Baat talks to Imran Khan, Vir Das & Kunal Roy Kapur

Mumbai, June 24, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Delhi Belly stars Imran Khan, Vir Das & Kunal Roy Kapur with Aman Verma on Lo Kallo Baat, Monday to Thurday, at 8.30 pm only on BIG MAGIC.

Imran Khan tells Aman Verma that Delhi Belly is not a sex comedy but it can’t be watched by the kids on Lo Kallo Baat.

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Aman aur uski toli, la rahe hain hassi ki goli…This week, June 20 to 23, Mon- day to Thursday at 8.30pm, in  Lo Kallo Baat, Aman’s  toli of the oomph girl  Miss Tana Tan and Chotelal  welcomes the three main characters of Delhi Belli—Imran, Vir Das & Kunal Roy Kapur, who made it to the set of Lo Kallo Baat to chat up with funny man & host Aman Verma. The interview in true Lo Kallo Baat fun manner had Imran khan saying that while his film was not a sex comedy, kids couldn’t watch it.

The viewers of BIG MAGIC will simply enjoy more of such tit-bits of the film, what can easily be called the best moments from the film with the lead actors of Delhi Belly themselves taking the viewers in a roller coaster ride. Imran Khan speaks about his amazing character, the experience on location, his special looks, his favorite song, composer, and most of all, play the video of the songs Chudail & Switty Switty…exclusively on Lo Kallo Baat.

There’s more to the film…Imran speaks about mamu Aamir Khan who is the producer & also about Reena (Aamir’s ex-wife) who is the song director of the film. While part of Delhi Belly can easily be called a family affair, there’s caution: IT IS ONLY FOR ADULTS!

Delhi Belli is about Tashi (Imran Khan),   Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapur) & Arup (Vir Das), three bachelors staying in Delhi. Tashi owns a 100 crore business and is the envy of Jaggannath, whose only objective is to split Tashi’s family & destroy him. What follows is a romantic thriller where Tashi makes all efforts to reunite with his family.

Lo Kallo Baat, has further strengthened the  leadership of BIG MAGIC, the already no. 1 channel amongst regional channels like Mahuaa TV, Dhamaal, Dabangg, Sahara Samay, Zee News UP etc in the Hindi Heartland.

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