The Last Letter (Bengali, 2011) - Arnab Biswas: Teaser-Trailer

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A still from "The Last Letter" - a film by Arnab Biswas

Calcutta, July 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Arnab Biswas' "The Last Letter" (Bengali, 2011) film is all about relationships in which the film-maker tries to portray the growing distance between two people due to increasing work-load. How can a person change himself and what does he lose from his life ?


The story of "The Last Letter" is about a husband and a wife and their relationship. In this movie, we are trying to show what can be the end of a happy relationship because of someone's ignorance and work-pressure.

The husband used to give time and attention to his wife but gradually because of his higher position and work-load in his office, he started giving less time than before. In other hand, the wife also worked in a renowned company but after their marriage because of her family she left the job and started giving all her time to her family.

Suddenly she got to know that she won't be able to become a mother, still her husband supported her that time with his love-care and attention. but for last few months he couldn't give time and the wife went into a big depression because of loneliness.

When he forgot their anniversary and she was forced to take a bold decision. Now "The Last Letter" will reveal the story. 

Watch the trailer video of "The Last Letter":

The Last Letter
Bengali, 2011

Director - Arnab biswas
Producer - AB Films 2011 and Youngastan Filmo-Maniac Society
Story - Arnab Biswas.
Screenplay & dialogue - Dyutisree Halder.
Music - Hirak Jyoti Pathak
Videography - Subhadeep Chowdhury & Arnab Biswas
Editor - Sasanka Bora, Arunabha Maity & Arnab Biswas
Starring - Arnab Biswas, Dyutisree Halder, Arunabha Maity & Subhadeep Chowdhury

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