Interview - Singer Anweshaa Dutta Gupta on International Bengali Modern Songs Album RIMJHIM, Her Background & New Film Songs

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Indian Singer Anweshaa Dutta GuptaWashington DC, July 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The prodigal Bengali and Bollywood (and Tamil and other regional languages!) singer Anweshaa Dutta Gupta started taking singing lessons from her mother Mita Duttagupta when very young, and subsequently commenced her training in North Indian Classical vocals when she was barely four years old from her Guruji Shri Jayanta Sarkar, who she still is a student of.

In this informal chat with Arijit Chakraborty, Anwesha talks about her grooming in the world of music, and especially about her latest album "RIMJHIM" which is an international production of Aninda Bose (interview) recorded in a studio in New Jersey.

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Anwesha expresses her gratitude to Debanjalee Banerjee, the composer of the title song "Rimjhim", which she describes as a very sweet and romantic song. Thanks to Aninda's efforts, arrangements for recording and production were pretty complete before Anwesha arrived in New Jersey to sing her songs in the album. Her experience of working with the world-class musician and sound engineer (ex-bassist with Bon Jovi) Dan Skye was, not surprisingly, excellent. When Aninda sent her the finished tracks later, Anwesha was very impressed and thinks Dan did a great job in mixing. She says the recording experience in a studio in New Jersey was distinctly different from that in India - and the studio itself (Skylab Recording Studios) is in a quiet secluded "forest" as she describes.

Winner of numerous awards, Anwesha touches upon the importance of television reality competition shows and talent hunt programming as a platform that provides an opportunity to showcase the abilities of aspiring young and upcoming artists on a national (and sometimes international) level. Anwesha points out that this audio interview is another event that is in a way rooted to the exposure she has had in TV reality shows. She specifically mentions "Chhote Ustaad" as a talent-hunt show that pretty much launched her career - she immediately started getting offers to perform playback film songs for Bengali and Hindi films and eventually Tamil and songs in other Indian regional languages.

Anwesha considers her recent live appearance in Nashville, Tennessee as one of her most memorable performances. Other favorites of hers include her song "Megher Palok Chander Nolok" from director Amit Sen's (interview) Bengali film "Natobar Not Out" for which she recently won a Telecine Best Playback Singer Female award (she also won the Best Title Song award in the same ceremony for ETV Bangla show "Rojgere Ginni"). The lyrics of "Megher Palok" are written by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee (interview) who is the director of Uro Chithi, and music composition is by Debojyoti Mishra (interview). Anwesha's experience in recording Tamil film songs in studios in Chennai is also very thrilling - listen to her describe that experience in her own words!

Anwesha currently has her plate full - she is singing a great number of songs for South Indian and Hindi movies, including the upcoming Bollywood film "Luv U Soniyo" in which we will see the Indian cinema debut of Tanuj Virani, son of veteran Bollywood actress Rati Agnihotri.

Interview details:
Guest: Anweshaa Dutta Gupta, Mumbai, India
Host: Arijit Chakraborty, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Recording, Editing, Article by Supratim Sanyal, Washington, DC, USA

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