Rimi Basu - Bengali-American Singer's Pop Album "Crossing Over" & Music Video - Worldwide MP3 Download Release (WBRi Feature)

Music Video: Rimi Basu Bengali Song "Shonaye" from album "Crossing Over"
A First for Kolkata: NRI Bengali Female Pays Music Video Tribute to Michael Jackson

[Rimi Basu - Crossing Over - Bengali Pop CD MP3 Download]Washington, DC, July 14, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Versatile pop singer and dancer Rimi Basu, a Bengali originally from the USA, dropped out of a prestigious medical school, returned to her parents' motherland in Kolkata, and completed her first Bangla fusion album to make her mark on the Bangla music industry.

You might remember we previously spoke to Rimi in an informal and intimate audio interview which you can listen to online here.

Rimi has taken her first step by completing the first-ever female tribute to the King of Pop in Bengal: a high-energy music video to a dark and sultry number from her just-released pop album, “Crossing Over” which you can listen to online also here.

“This project is aimed at inspiring the youth to stay connected to their roots despite the fast globalizing world. It is the ‘crossing over’ of  boundaries and bridging the cultural gap with music……I have idolized Michael Jackson growing up and so I was thrilled to pay a tribute. It’s  all the more special because my tribute to him is in my mother tongue, Bangla", says Rimi.

The album "Crossing Over" has some of the very best talent in music and video production in Bengal today, including Dibyendu Mukherji as composer, Chandrani Ganguly as Lyricist, and Rajib Chatterjee as Production Director. Instrumentalists on the album are also the current leaders in the rock music scene of Kolkata, including Mainak “Bumpy” Nag Chowdhury on bass, Ratul Shankar on percussion, and Vikramjit “Tuki” Banerjee on guitar. 

The album features a mileiu of different flavours and spans a range of emotions.  "Nesha Nesha" is a seductive number featuring Rimi rapping for the first time as well as Dibyendu's own vocals; "Phire Jaao" is Rimi's angry and emotional tribute to an ex-lover.  The song "O Sayeba" is a full-on Latin pop song that will make anyone want to Salsa, while the ballad "Ele Naa" slows down the pace, showing Rimi's versatility.

Rimi exemplifies the modern pop diva. Brought up in USA yet fascinated from childhood by her Indian culture, Rimi has a unique and versatile combination of East and West, giving richness to her personality and her music. As a classical Indian dancer, Rimi focuses on blending different music styles and instruments in her music, making it original and distinctive.

Ever since she was a child, she took an active interest in her culture, beginning her training in Indian classical music and dance from the age of 5. Throughout her academic education, she always kept music and dance as a priority in her life. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University, Rimi quit her job in research in New York City to move to India and pursue her training and career in music. Despite gaining admission into full-scholarship medical program in the States and even joining the program for one year, she made the very difficult decision of forfeiting medical school to continue pursuing her passions in music and dance.

She has taken an active role in the North American Bengali community through organizing, emceeing, and performing in regional and national programs, and upholding Bangla culture through singing Rabindro Sangeet and Nazrul Geeti.

Rimi feels Bangla the language, its richness and myriad forms of music is yet to travel far and get more popular than ever before.

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