"Ektu Antorikotar Jonno" (For a Little Affection) - The Award-Winning Short Film by Indrasis Acharya

Trailer: Ektu Antorikotar Janya (Bengali, 2010)

Bengali Movie Ektu Antorikotar JonyoCalcutta, July 9, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Amateur film-maker Indrasis Acharya from Kolkata, whose critically acclaimed "Living Beyond the Line" won many awards, continues his streak of making award-winning films with "Ektu Antorikotar Jonno" (For a Little Affection) which won the Best Film award at the 2010 Kolkata Short Film Festival.

"Ektu Antorikotar Jonyo" was also selected as the inaugural film at the Kolkata Short Film Festival and was screened at Nandan. It was ranked as Best Motion Picture and awarded in ISI (Indian Statistitical Institute) in Integration 2011.

The film has been selected at Worldkids International Festival, We Care Interrnational Festival and so on, and was screened at North American Bengali Conference (NABC) 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

"Ektu Antorikotar Jonyo" premiered at Gorky Sadan in the presence of renowned film personalities. "[My film was] appreciated beyond expectations", says the young film-maker with no formal training in film-making !

Ektu Antorikotar Jonne explores the world of  of a mentally challenged boy Archiesman in his efforts to balance the worlds of fantasy and reality. In this journey he tries to befriend several individuals, who are all marginalized in their own ways.

The narrative starts one morning when Archie comes to know that he is no longer be able to go school.

Archie thinks he has found a friend in a depressed young man in search for a decent job. The innocent soul in Archie listens to his 'friends' frustration and but is unable to fully comprehend the human nature of exploiting someone in need and ignore other times. This has been shown in a different way.

In a bid to find friends,Archie strike a virtual friendship with a  radio jockey who 'promises' to solve the problems of all the listeners, not realizing that in reality its only a technique to of promote the program without any personal or human touch.

Ahana, an single pregnant woman comes as a paying guest to Archie’s house. Archie and Ahana strike up a nice relationship which Archie enjoys. But when forced to choose between her imminent child and Archie, Ahana makes it clear to Ahana that she would not be able to keep Archie’s companionship but will continue to meet Archie.This leaves Archie in shattered state.

Archie's problems and his father's orthodox attitude, exacerbates the underlying tensions between Archie's parents which flares up one day when Archie's father strikes him for humming a Hindi song aloud. Unable to comprehend the tensions and in search of his RJ friend, Archie runs away from his home.

Archie strike a virtual friendship with this  radio jockey(RJ) who 'promises' to solve the problems of all the listeners, not realizing that in reality its only a technique to of promote the program without any personal or human touch.

He is located after a lot of trouble by his Mother by when all his so called friends have left , leaving him alone with his mom Esha. But Suddenly in Archie finds lot of fishes in his foish jar instead of a single fish. (It is a surrealistic situation)

Archie goes on a walk with Esha when he confronts here ends with a simple but touching question ‘Ma tumio ki Ekla” . Esha replies back “Not at all you are with me” Archie again ensures ‘Tumi Amake chere Jabe na to” And Esha confirms him.

They keep on walking and it shows the eternal relation between Archie and Ahana.

Cast & Crew

Starring: Aparajita Ghosh Das, Debalina Dutta, Tathagata Bannerjee, Dripto Baksi, Subhadro Sengupta
Camera: Santanu Dey
Sound: Shankyan Chowdhury
Editing: Pranabesh Chandra
Music: Gora Gupta
Script: Indrasis Acharya & Anusua Chatterjee
Song: Sinjini Acharya Mazumder
Dialogue: Indrasis Acharya
Director: Indrasis Acharya
Chief Asst Director: Anusua Chatterjee
2nd Assistant Director: Manjula
Title graphics: Subhasree Sanyal
Make up: Subir Manna, Tanmoy Roy
Hair dresser: Papia Maity
Light: Munna, Bappa, Ajoy
Production manager: Vicky
Asst production manager: Srimanta, Palan, Samar
Electrician: Khokon, Ganesh
Dress: Birjulal
Trolley: Kartik
Boom: Shyamal
Art: Pradip Pal
Special Thanks: Paromita Ray, Chiranjib Paul, Subhasree Sanyal, Jibendu Narayan Mazumder

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