"Living Beyond The Line" - An award-winning film by Indrasis Acharya

Trailer: "Living  Beyond The Line" (English, 2010) - a film by Indrasis Acharya

Indrasis Acharya - Writer-Director of Award-Winning Bengali Films Calcutta, July 9, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Professionally, Indrasis Acharya is consultant with an MNC, but he is also an ardent film enthusiast and an amateur film-maker whose film "Living  Beyond The Line" has won multiple awards, including  the Best Film award at the 4th National Short and Documentary Film Festival and the runners-up (second best) film award at Tiruvanthapuram film festival. "Living  Beyond The Line" was an official selection at the Bangladesh International Film Festival as well as a host of international film festivals.

"Living Beyond the Line" is about relationships – friendship to be precise. The plot revolves around three terminally ill Cancer patients: Dipto – a wannabe writer, Swati – retired professor and Rajshekhar – retired civil servant. Each of them has an unfulfilled desire. Dipto wants to see his name on the cover of his first published novel. Swati wants to once meet the love of her life – whom she has not seen for 35 years. Rajshekhar’s last wish is to see his estranged son and hold his grand-daughter once in his arms. These friends – surpassing their limitations by their will-power – strive to fulfill each other’s dream. The three go ‘beyond the line’ set for them by their deadly disease and decide to live life to the lees. While Dipto and Swati’s dreams come true, their desperate effort to fulfill Rajshekhar’s last desire goes in vain. The film ends with Rajshekhar’s death while life goes on for the others and Dipto is seen writing his 2nd novel which is ‘Living Beyond the Line’.

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