DVD Review: Get ready for pure comedy with Govinda and Uvika Choudhary in "Naughty @ 40"

By Ekta Kumari

Hindi Film Poster: NAUGHTY AT 40

Mumbai, July 7, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Get ready to celebrate the fun filled moments with your family. Shemaroo Entertainment releases Naughty @ 40 (Naughty At Forty) tarring Govinda and Uvika Choudhary. This is a comedy flick of a 40 year old man played by Govinda who gets into an extra marital affair, being denied of love and affection from his wife.

DVD Release in USA & India:

As expected out of a Govinda Film, Naughty @ 40 is a pure comedy movie with several hilarious situations that Govinda gets caught into. The film reminds you of old Govinda with his funny body language and that spunky dialogue delivery style.

Naughty At 40: Trailer

Naughty @ 40 is story of a 40 year old man living in London with his parents and cousin. The problem is that he's still a virgin. The father seeks the help of his employee [Shakti Kapoor], who tries various tricks in the book so that Govinda loses his virginity, but all efforts turn futile. The family leaves for Manali, where Govinda gets married to a girl much younger to him [Uvika Choudhary]. However, Uvika tries everything possible to avoid getting into a physical relationship with him, which results in Govinda getting into another relationship with a foreigner. Uvika gets a rude shock when she discovers the truth. That shock brings about a change in her attitude. Now that the truth is out in the open watch the movie to find out the climax.

Naughty @ 40 is the much awaited treat for all Govinda Fans and a  must watch for all comic lovers!!

The VCDs and DVDs are economically priced at Rs. 99/- MRP and Rs. 199/- MRP respectively.

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