SOHORTOLI Bangla Band from Dhaka & Songs from Latest Album Release "Borabor Sohortoli" (WBRi Feature)

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Washington, DC, July 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The Bangla rock music group "SHOHORTOLI" was formed in 2004. During that period it had no name! In 2005, it got a name which is "SHOHORTOLI"! Back then it was a 3-member band which now has 5 members in it's family.

Bangladeshi Bangla Band Sohortoli in Concert

"SHOHORTOLI" usually feel free to work on Soft Rock, Mellow Rock, India/Bangladesh Territorial Rock, Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Fusion Rock, Folk Fusion, Symphonic Rock and Psychedelic genres. Indeed it invented and introduced a new genre "THEATRICAL ROCK".

Bangladeshi Bangla Band Sohortoli in Concert

It's their first effort in the mixed album "NAS" putting an individual signature the Entire Music Scenario of BANGLADESH with the help of the unique plotting and texture of the song and genre!

As it is greatly influenced by poetry; it prefers theme based music pillared on lyrical depth.

It can be added here that, in 2007, "S H O H O R T O L I" released their first issue "Asader Khola Chitti" (AKC) in the mixed album "Neon Aloy Shagotom" (NAS), organized and coordinated by Zia of Shironamhin and Asst. Coordination by Galib - (Shohortoli) under the label of G Series.

AKC's Concept was based on the famous poetry of "Barbara Bidler K" by poet Asad Chowdhury which was deeply appreciated by the audience and critics.

"Shohortoli" believes that music can be a survivor & escalator to heaven for each human being and artist reserves the right to compose and play.

Shohortoli are:

GALIB - Vocal,Reciter,Lyricist
MISHU - Vocal,Guitar
BIDDUT - Guitar(Lead)
TAPAN - Guitar(Bass),Lyricist
Sunny - Drums, Sound Engineer
General Manager    Ejaz Mohammad
Booking Agent    Sonia Shabnam Farzana
Hometown: Dhaka
You Tube:

Former Members:

ADOR - Guitar
Hassan - Drums
Oyon- Band Manager

"Shohortoli" has performed near about 100+ times so far in colleges and universities shows, open air @ so many districts in Bangladesh. Their last on-stage performance at the time of writing - SHOHORTOLI performed Open Air Live @ Mirpur_01, Bengali School_math; Unplugged Live @ Kozmo Lounge.

"S H O H O R T O L I" always put its hats off to his FNF, Dhaka Commerce College (teachers and students.Batch-2001,2002,2006 especially :P ),Honorable Critics, Zia Bhai (Shironamhin), Zooel Bhai (Auchin),Some Friend Bands like- Monoshoroni,Arbovirous,Shopno,Lakhkhichhara (Kolkata), D Minor, Kalponik, and above all THE ALMIGHTY.

Artists They Also Like: Pink Floyd, Opeth, Blackfield, Poets of the Fall, Porcupine Tree, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Scorpions, Jimmy Hendrix, Dire Straits, Doors, Beatles, U2

Influences: Mohiner Ghoraguli

Band Interests: SHOHORTOLI Always Puts its hats off to The Legendary Bangla Rock Band "Mohiner Ghoraguli"...(Which inspires them In every aspect... ).

Sohortoli can be reached at galib_azim [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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