Interview | Film-maker Q aka Qaushiq Mukherjee (Bengali Movies GANDU, BISHH, LOVE IN INDIA)

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Washington Bangla Radio thanks Anamitra Roy for facilitating this interview.

Love In India DVD CoverQ talks to Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio in this exclusive, informal and intimate interview. Q is an alternative film-maker from Kolkata (his full name is Qaushiq Mukherjee) who is known across the world for his genre-defying movies that tend to conflict with established ideas and norms and rattle the senses making the viewer think about all that is "conventional".

Q's films cannot be compartmentalized - they are experimental, underground and counter-culture, but at the same time entertaining and not devoid of humor.

Q is inspired by the 1990s post-modern film movement in the west which largely went unnoticed in Indian film-making.

Q talks in depth about his films, including BISHH and LOVE IN INDIA (Buy DVD online) and current projects. He also provides a fascinating glimpse into his approach to film-making, his thought-process and the great amount of care and time that goes into every film of his to make sure he is able to capture what he wants to express in the best possible way.

Q's films strive to explore sexuality in the context of modern relationships between men and women, drawing deeply into timeless Indian cultural and mythological epithets. The human aspect of relationships are explored and primordial human behaviors portrayed in films that are not really feature films or documentaries but thought-provoking works on celluloid.

BISHH was produced in a very short time and little money, and Q says it was mainly an experiment to see how a mainstream audience would react to an alternative counter-culture film. The movie turned out to be spectacularly successful, and Q says he confined himself in BISHH to a very small part of what he is capable of. One wonders what a wonderful product BISHH would have been if Q could work with no schedule and budget restrictions.

LOVE IN INDIA is a spectacular film, winning a multitude of international awards. As a matter of fact, LOVE IN INDIA has been broadcast on prime-time TV in 9 countries (and counting) across the world so far. The concept of the film is outstanding - Q and his girl-friend appear as themselves in the film and embark on a journey over five years to try to define romanticism and sexuality in an Indian context ultimately trying to understand the eternal love-story of Krishna and Radha.

Understanding a mind like Q's is a fascinating journey. Join us in listening to Q speak and make you wonder about a lot of things that you took to be granted.