Bengali Movie Review - EKTI TARAR KHONJE (Stars Never Sleep) - By Subhomay Mukherjee


EKTI TARAR KHONJE Bengali Film Poster“Ekti Tarar Khoje” – in search of a Star . But is it? If so, how. “Ekti Tarar Khoje” is the last of Half Dozen Bengali films released in June, 2010 but it is the best of the lot beside

But we have expected more from the film premiered on 24th June, 2010 evening at Priya, South Kolkata because the film is from the house of none other than National Award Winning Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury and is the 1st effort by Abhik Mukhopadhyay, the internationally acclaimed cinematographer.

The story is based on a boy who wants to be in stardom and a girl who likes to marry if she does not a get a decent job.

The boy, Abhisek ( Sayan Munshi ) from Chandernagar, has left his job for a career in film. He has came Kolkata and with the help of his friend ( Rudranil Ghosh ) he has got a accommodation at house where the girl, Rani ( Arpita Paul ) stays with her Aunt ( Tanushree Shankar ) and Uncle ( Dhritiman Chatterjee ). Abhisek has bagged the second lead in a good Bengali venture but at the same time he unknowingly has involved with the Underworld and falls in love with Rani who is also in love with him. At last we came to know that Dhritiman is the underworld Don.

Though the film is based on very less characters it is very complex in the sense that is has so many stories within and there is no conclusion for any of the story.

There the questions arise as ;-

a.    Does “ Ekti tarar khoje” means searching of a new star in reality as Arpita and Sayan came back in filmdom and Bengali film respectively after 8 and 4 years gap? Is it the search for a new sensible director?

b.    “Ekti Tarar Khoje” can be a film like Luck by Chance by Joya Akhtar which portrays struggle and politics of filmdom but it has very less space for the story of Abhisek for being a established actor. It has shown the search of Abhisek by the producer for casting the new comer but it could show the success of the film and the actor to establish the theory of birth of new star

c.    At first the film shows Abhisek’s power to see the future, again it has been shown later but that excellent topic has not been explored further. Further exploration oif this fantastic idea could give more dimensions to the film.

d.    The film is successful to portray Dhritiman as the Gangleader even upto 3/4th part of the film, nobody doubts him so there is suspense but there is no explanation for Dhritiman’s possessiveness for Sayan. Why the former has killed a gay boy who likes Sayan?

e.    Abhisek has enough money to pay his rent and other charges but in today’s world he is not able to afford a cell phone – is it reliable?

So the story line is incomplete, somewhere weak.

But the film must be watched by all due to excellent and very natural acting of Arpita, Sayan, Rudranil, Arijit, Biplab, Tanushree and definitely Dhritiman, sensible music by Prabuddha Raha, the song written by Rabindranath Tagore “Sakhi Bhabona Kahare Bole”, set, story of Thugees and fabulous cinematography by the director himself.

We might expect more so ask some questions but definitely “Ekti Tarar Khoje” has given birth to a star, director Abhik and a exceptional project from Tollywood, now mostly deals with prototype South Indian action oriented love stories.

Ekti Tarar Khoje will be screened in US at 10th July, 2010.