GANDU - A Bengali film by Q

Bengali Movie GANDU a film by QKolkata film-maker Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee) has completed shooting of his next movie titled "Gandu".

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At this time, very limited information has been posted at the official facebook group. Tagged "underground" and "extreme", there is a ominous warning: "Gandu will change your idea of a Bengali film. Enter at your own risk."

The word Gandu, probably of Hindi origin, is a slang for butt, and may be considered profane.

Music in the film is apparently composed by the wonderful Kolkata band Five Little Indians, better known by its acronym FLI, formed in January 2007 with former members of some well-known Calcutta-based bands. The band merges strong grunge/prog roots with melodic rock, blending a heavier sound with singer-songwriter sensibilities. FLI are Neel Adhikari (vocals, guitars), Allan Ao (guitars), Arka Das  (drums and percussion), Sayak Bandyopadhyay (vocals) and Sanket Bhattacharya (bass). The band's use of Hindustani Classical vocals as another voice — and not as a 'fusion' ploy — results in a unique soundscape that can only be defined as its own.

Q's previous films include Bishh (2009) - a fascinating story of 3 women with a single-minded purpose to live like men and earn money over one night, and Love In India (2009) - a film that challenges mainstream ideas of morality and sex in India.

Love In India has been released on DVD in North America (USA/Canada) and is available on DVD and Video-On-Demand streaming online here »