Bengali Movie - 10:10 (দশটা দশ) - An Arin Paul film | Soumitra Chatterjee, Kanchan Mullick, Claudia Ciesla, Subrata Dutta etc

10:10 Doshta Dosh Bengali Movie Poster

A still from doshta dosh (10:10) Bengali filmAcclaimed Bengali film-maker Arin Paul's Bengali comedy movie 10:10 (দশটা দশ  - Doshta Dosh) was released in 2008. The star cast features Soumitra Chatterjee, Kanchan Mullick, Claudia Ciesla, Subrata Dutta, Aparajita Ghosh Das and others. Parambrata Chatterjee makes a guest appearance in the film.

A still from doshta dosh (10:10) Bengali filmThe script for 10:10 is written by Padmanabha Dasgupta based on a story by Arin Paul. The music director is Drono Acharya. Playback singers of the Bengali (and English) film songs in the movie included Sunidhi Chauhan, Claudia Ciesla, Babul Supriyo, Sidhu, Jojo and Sree.

The official web-site provides a glimpse into the film's originality. The film is not an "adaptation" of a South-Indian film like a huge proportion of contemporary commercial Bengali movies, nor does it have a logic-defying story line or a hero who single-handendly bashes up hundreds of bad guys.

Polish-German actress Claudia Ciesla plays the role of a German journalist in the film. Claudia also performed the title song.

A still from doshta dosh (10:10) Bengali filmA young man Apratim (Subrata Dutta) is romatically involved with Ranjita (Aparajita Ghosh Das), the daughter of the veteran crimelord Durgaprasad (Soumitra Chatterjee). Durgaprasad's telephone service is suspended because of delinquency on bills, and Durgaprasad dispatches his strongman Montu Singh (Kanchan Mallick) to pay off the huge pending bill. In a twist of fate, human error causes the money to be allocated to the account of Apratim, resulting in Durgaprasad's ire and Ranjita's disclosure of the situation to her friends who get in touch with a rival mafia lord Muktadhara to see if Apratim can be saved. In these highly tense circumstances, Durgaprasad has a dream and wakes up at 10:10, bringing in seismic shifts in his character.

10:10 has received excellent reviews in the media. The STATESMAN newspaper writes Arin's "story is strikingly original and funny ... Arin has a natural flair for the comic and the witty".

More information about the film can be found at the official web-site. Watch a theatrical promo-preview trailer of 10:10 online via You tube.