Shyamasangeet by Tripti Sanyal | Lyrics, Composition: Renuka Acharya | Music Tapan Sanyal

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Washington Bangla Radio presents Shyama Sangeet (songs dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali) performed by  Tripti Sanyal. Tripti sings original Shyamasangeet songs written and composed by her mother Smt. Renuka Acharya. Music direction is by Tapan Sanyal.

Tapan Sanyal & his wife Tripti Sanyal both belong to musical families in Kolkata.

Tripti SanyalA very talented singer, Tripti was basically influenced by her mother who is also a lyricist & music composer without having any formal training. She learned music from so many gurus & finally from Pt. Amiya Ranjan Banerjee (a great vocal trainer & classical singer). She passed M.A in music from Rabindrabharati University & now she is a music teacher of a Govt. school. She sings modern songs, bengali, hindi, & also thumri, dadra, kajri, tagore songs and nazrulgeeti.& specially fusion. Recently both Tapan and Tripti are  involved in composing music, speciallly fusion based, including modern songs.

Tapan SanyalPrimarily Tapan has been influenced by his father who used to sing & write songs too. His first love was the Tabla. He learned Tabla from Pt. Kanai Dutta & Ustad Ahmed Hussain Khan. After some years Tapan started playing tabla on the stage with different artists. In  the year 1989 he heard  the voice of Tripti on All India Radio, finally he met her and played Tabla with Tripti and he gave her suggestions for new compositions. They started working and finally  they got  married. After that Tapan started writing lyrics for various artists, within a few months he got an offer to write lyrics for Arati Mukherjee, the great singer - the name of the final album was Sadharan Meye. After 1990  Tapan started composing music with his wife with new ideas.

Tapan and Tripti and their Fusion band are doing programmes all over India and abroad also. They can be reached via e-mail at tmusehere[at] gmail [dot] com.