Ustad Rashid Khan | North Indian Hindustani Classical Vocal - Live Concert DVD Release in North America (USA and Canada)

June 12, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) THE GURUS OF BANDISH - USTAD RASHID KHAN - LIVE DVD has been released online for Indian Classical Music lovers in North America.

The most widely accepted variety of Hindustani Classical Music today is called Khayal. Over the past fifty years, Khayal has steadily gained popularity in comparison with Dhrupad, a form with simple grandeur and lack of embellishments. Khayal, with its flexibility and ability to incorporate musical ornamentations, has effectively regaled the new listeners of Indian Classical Music, the middle and upper middle class. Khayal being the most popular and flexible form of Classical music rendition in India has to be presented in a concise form without interfering with their mood and content. Here is a collection of personally selected Bandishes for renditions from the rich and endless reservoir of compositions, which is presented by some of the most accomplished vocalists of our times. Rashid, the young genius - Rashid Khan, who started his life as a child prodigy, has developed into a brilliant musician and is today, one of the top vocalists of the Indian Classical Music world. His voice production and application of notes have an intoxicating quality. His taans are his strongest points. The clarity, in spite of the breathtaking speed of the taans, which cascade like a fountain is remarkable. His innate musical sense makes one feel, that he is a natural musician, and sings with the ease of a swan taking to water. Interview with Artiste. Full Notations of Ragas and Bandishes. Raga Bilaskhani Todi - Bandish - Kahe Karata Mosey Jaa Jaa RE Jaa Todi - Bandish - Langara Kankariya Aba Mori Naiya Basant - Bandish - Piya Sanga Khelun Marwa - Bandish - Gur Bina Gyan Puriya Dhaneshree - Bandish - Payaliya Jhankaar Khush Rahey Sanam Bihag - Bandish - Aliri Al Beli Desh - Bandish - Karma Kara Dije Nadaan Jiyara Chhayanat - Bandish - Jhanana Jhanana Megh - Bandish - Garajey Ghata Ghana Gagana Garajey Hansadhwani - Bandish - Laagi Lagana Accompaniments Samar Saha: Tabla Sudhir Nayak: Harmonium Soumya Bose: Harmonium Prasad Khapade