Joydhak workshop at Asannagar--an unique experiment in alternative education by Priyabala Vidyabithi

Recently a team from Joydhak conducted a follow up workshop at Priyabala Vidyabithi at Asannagar, Nadia.

Priyabala Vidyabithi is an alternative school for children of the marginal people of Muslims and lower castes Hindu. Its main target  is to arrest the drop-out rate among the children of these families, provide them allround education for free, give them an enjoyable childhood and and create useful citizens out of them.

 Running at an astoundingly low cost of around Rs 95 per student per month (Total monthly expense of the school including teachers' salary is 19000 vis-avis a student strength of 200 from class five to class Eleven. There is no obligation for a stdent to pay anything if he/she cannot pay. On the contrary, if a student does not get food at home , he gets it in the school.), the children are raised from the level of abject poverty and inhuman living condition to a level enviable to many good schools (This year in Madhyamik exam all 24 aspirants got first division with 12 star marks.)

Joydhak has been conducting periodical workshops at this school and introducing the concepts of mentorship and the participative two-way education model in this institution in a gradual and incremental manner. The results are highly interesting and encouraging.

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