KAMONA (1949) Bengali Movie - Mahanayak Uttam Kumar's 2nd Film Release

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Kamona (also known as Kamna) was the 2nd Bengali feature film starring Uttam Kumar after Dristidan. Uttam Kumar was paired with lead actress Chobi Ray (Chhabi Roy) in the film. Kamana was directed by Nabyendu Sundar and released in Purnasree in Hati Bagan, Prachi in Entally and Aleya cinema halls in Calcutta in March 1949. Other famous actors in the star cast were Tulsi Chakraborty, Jamuna Sinha, Preeti Mazumder and Jahar Ganguly.

Arun Kumar Chatterjee was still establishing himself in Bengali film with screen name Uttam Kumar when the movie was released.

Popular actress (for her time) Jamuna Singha later appeared in Dilip Mukherjee's famous 1952 film Sabitri Satyaban against Tollywood hero Gurudas Bannerjee co-starring Padma Devi, Swagata Chakarborty, Kamal Mitra and more with music by Kalipada Sen. The DVD is available in USA and Canada by online order from here. Jamuna Sinha, of course, also played an important role in Satyajit Ray's classic Nayak - The Hero (DVD).

Actress Priti Majumdar appeared in the 1973 notable film Marjina Abdulla (buy DVD online) directed by Dinen Gupta with music by the legendary Salil Chowdhury. Others in the star cast of the fantasy-drama were Mithu Mukherjee, Robi Ghosh, Utpal Dutt, Debraj Roy, Shekhar Chatterjee, Jahar Ray, Kajal Gupta and Menaka Devi.

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