Interview | Film-maker MALOY SARKAR - Blackmail upcoming Bengali Film from director of ALIEN HAND

Bengali Film-maker Dr Malay Sarkar (Blackmail, Alien Hand) Interview: Click Play to listen online

Maloy Sarkar BLACKMAIL Tollywood Kolkata New Bengali Latest MovieMaloy Sarkar is a medical doctor and a well known film-maker from Kolkata with significant contribution to Telefilms for over 15 years. Dr Sarkar has previously made great documentaries, including the 2-part crime-related program Mrityudando, the full 52-episode television serial "Dweep" and others. His short film "ALIEN HAND" broadcast in the TV series "Rahasshya Golpo" on ETV Bangla perhaps still stands unbeaten in terms of viewership of any single Bengali TV program.

Arijit Chakraborty of Washington Bangla Radio spoke with Dr Malay Sarkar in Ahmedabad, India about his upcoming Bengali movie BLACKMAIL (2010). In this casual and informal conversation, Dr Maloy Sarkar talks about his early films as well as his later films. He describes how his background in medicine helps him in making crime-related thrillers (the failure of the temporal lobe in a person can lead to a disorder called anarchic hand where the persons hand may start doing undesirable acts on its own). Dr Sarkar shares his view of why ALIEN HAND clicked with the audience.

About his upcoming Bangla film BLACKMAIL, Dr Sarkar says it is about a high profile movie director's life being swept away from under his feet being blackmailed for an accident committed after a drunken brawl. But the blackmailer himself feels caught in his own web and wants to flee. In this war of wits, finally the unexpected happens.

The star cast of Blackmail includes Badsha Maitra, Neel, Akavali, Locket Chatterjee and others.

Click on the play button in the player at the top to listen to the full audio interview online. Watch the HQ theatrical trailer of Blackmail (Bengali, 2010).

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