The sweet voice of NINA RAHMAN - Bengali Modern, Rabindrasangeet & Nazrulgeeti singer from California, USA

Songs from album Taray Taray by Nina Rahman
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Nina Rahman - Bengali Songs

NINA RAHMAN has a wonderful sweet voice as you will hear in the player above and sings great Bengali modern as well as Rabindra Sangeet.

Born in Barisal, Bangladesh, Nina now lives in California, USA with her husband Dr. Mizanur Rahman and two beautiful children - one son and one daughter.

Nina grew up in Bangladesh with her father, mother, brother and sister. Nina's mother and her uncle Alamgir Hai inspired her in music early in her life.

Nina learned music as a hobby along with her early education. Then she moved to the USA, graduating from University of Texas, Austin majoring in Finance.  During her student years at UT Austin, she always sang on campus, and other programs as well.

After graduation, Nina worked for a bank as Loan Analyst for a long time.  

Music video: Taray Taray from Nina Rahman's first album

Nina Rahman - Bengali SongsNina released her solo album "Taray Taray" (which you can listen to above on demand, as well as on Washington Bangla Radio's live radio channel) in USA and in Bangladesh.  Nina also sings on KLOK Awaaz local radio and TV.  Currently she sang for a Bollywood movie named "Paisa aur Pyaar" which is in post-production. At this time, Nina is considering releasing a solo Hindi album and is in discussion with a record company.

Nina learned music in her childhood from Sri Narayan Saha who was a winner of Nazrulgeeti contest in All India Radio and  Bangladesh. She learned Tagore's songs (Rabindra Sangeet), Nazrulgeeti and North Indian Hindustani Classical vocal music.

Nina also had short training in Classical vocals from Samar Mukharjee, who once used to sing on All India Radio (Akashvani). Also she had training from Ferdous Wahid, king of pop in Bangladesh.

All of Nina's teachers appreciated her musical talents. But they all encouraged her to practice regularly which sometimes she could not follow in the past due to her other priorities e.g school, job. But now she has taken music up seriously, taking her time and practicing regularly. Says Nina, "All my teachers said that with practice I can be very successful. I have the voice and musical talents both.  My uncle said it first when I was very young.  Their blessings are with me."

As a singer Nina feels like she has a world of her own, very private and very special and precious. When she sings, she feels like she share it with others.  Nina says, "I think music is very relaxing. With proper use of it, it can heal all mental and physical diseases in the world. When I am happy I sing in joy, when I am sad, I still sing and I feel good."

Nina has the following message for the young, aspiring and upcoming singers: In today's younger generation, there is more rhythmic contribution than melodic. Rhythm is good, but they should not loose the melody. Melody brings life, that's where the true spirit of the song is.

We asked Nina about a recent memorable incident. Being the beautiful and compassionate person she is, Nina remembered, "I was performing in a live show last month, a little girl was dancing so beautifully, the mother told me it was her birthday that day. I felt like I sang the song for her, I gave my song to her as her  birthday gift."

Washington Bangla Radio wishes Nina Rahman all the very best and even greater heights of achievement in her musical career.

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