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ILA ROY Bengali Poems Recitation Bangla Kobita AbrittiPoet-songwriter-singer-elocutionist ILA ROY is perhaps not known to you, but after a few minutes you may get a idea of who she his through her words.

Her poems Ila reictes in this presentation are:

  • Amar Ghar
  • Ami Ekta Chotto Porichoy Chai
  • Bhalo Theko
  • Hoitoba
  • Panjikar Choke Bandi
  • Ma
  • Meyetir Boroi Porar Shokh
  • Bittu'r Pora
  • Parinati
  • Sob Kichui Sesh Hoye Geche
  • Baki Ache
  • Ami Dekhechi
  • Kobitar Ghor
  • Prithibi Aaj Ushnayaner Pathe
  • Bhalobash Aaj Poth Bodleche
  • Amar Prem
  • Bhalobasha Hariye Geche

Ila Roy was born to Promila and Subodh Chandra Roy  and lives in Duttapukur, a little village in West Bengal, India. . She considers herself a simple lady, a patriotic Indian, and proud of her country's heritage of great personalities of the stature of Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda.

Ila says, "Mother is the most favorite word in my world." Unfortunately, Ila lost her mother in 2007, and remembers telling her mother "Bhalo Theko" (take care) just after she embarked on her final journey.  Ila's first book of poems, titled "Bhalo Theko", dedicated to her mother, was published in 2008.

After her first book, Ila has been busy writing poems which are regularly published in many Bengali Little Magazines, including Prometheus-er Pothe, Samajdarpon, Annoman, Nirbed, Choitali, etc.

Ila has a graduate degree from Calcutta University and a Masters degree from Rabindra Bharati  University. She has hosted Radio shows on All India Radio (Akashvani) from 2003 to 2007.

Ila says, "I love nature and want to help the poor and the solitary people because I think I am born for others."

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